Aantrik Care


Aantrik Care is our Service and Warranty Program for all the post-installation works. This includes all products manufactured, supplied and installed by Aantrik.

Please fill in the form below with all your information and a brief description of the issue. Our team will give you a call back within 48 working hours and schedule a visit if required.

Once our team gets to know the issue, depending upon the nature of service and the applicable warranty, we will advise you on whether it is covered under warranty or chargeable. Timeline for any service works will be a minimum of 14 days.

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Terms and Condition :

  • Service, travel and Labor charge of INR 1000 applicable for all snag rectifications
  • For outstation projects all visits are chargeable at INR 1500 per visit
  • All snag rectification works will take 2 to 3 weeks time.

Our Policies

1. 5yrs Warranty on woodwork for any Manufacturing or Installation defects.

2. All accessories, hardware and appliances are covered as per respective Manufacturer's Warranty Policy. Rusting is NOT covered under warranty. Customers are advised to not use household cleaning agents, chemical sprays, etc; Does NOT cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear.

3. NO Warranty on all Counter tops natural and artificial, specifically granite and engineered stone such as quartz stone etc. Granite and quartz are stones which are made of natural materials. They are susceptible to staining. NO warranty for installation of taps and drain pipes for leakage after Handover.

4. Warranty is NOT applicable on any kind of civil work, glass/mirrors, paint/polish and wallpapers. Gas Piping, Tiling, Other Civil Work (False Ceiling, Painting etc) is NOT covered under warranty. Inspection to be done by customer during handover and issues, if any, will be rectified.

5. Warranty provided herein shall be null and void, and Aantrik shall not be liable in any manner if:

a.) The Client has breached the Terms and Conditions in any manner including but not limited to failure on part of the Client to keep the products in good working condition, unforeseen conditions such as force majeure : fire, storm, earthquake, etc., misuse, normal wear & tear and /or negligence, and Client allowing repair or work on the product by a third party instead of the Aantrik maintenance team
b.) The products or furniture have been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, altered, misused, or cleaned with wrong methods of cleaning or cleaning products or materials.
c.) Unusual wear and tear, scratches, cuts or damages caused by impacts or accidents or by abnormal or unintended use of the product or furniture. There would be no warranty for normal wear and tear and for the scratches and marks that develop on glass surfaces / furniture due to usage
d.) If products have been placed in a humid environment or if the products have been used for non-domestic purposes or outdoors.
e.) The dismantling and shifting is done by any person other than the our qualified and authorized representatives. The decision of Aantrik in relation to whether the damage is due to seepage/ dampness, misuse, normal wear & tear and/or negligence (as provided herein) shall be final and binding on the Client.

6. Warranty on Woodwork - Plywood- BWP Plywood, Blockboard, Commercial plywood. This Warranty is a structural warranty that covers delamination, edge-band peeling, and borer-infection. It also covers any Bend more than 8mm, caused due to weather conditions and moisture level in the atmosphere. Exceptions : Damage to woodwork due to continuous seepage of water/dampness because of seepage of water from ceiling, flooring, walls and/or other site conditions is covered under warranty. Damage due to misuse and negligence by the Client and normal wear and tear will not be covered.

7. Any undulation which is less than 5mm on any laminated surface will not be covered under warranty.

8. Please note that we will first attempt to repair the defective or damaged woodwork under the Woodwork Warranty. Only in the event that the Aantrik team (at its sole discretion) decides that the repair is not feasible then it shall replace the defective or damaged woodwork under the Woodwork Warranty. The Client agrees that the decision of Aantrik shall be final and binding. Further, please note that if the Client is required to purchase and install a more valuable material under the Woodwork Warranty, then the Client cannot claim/recover the additional value of the better material. We provide one free of cost service visit to the site within 6 months of the handover. Since by design the products have a lot of moving parts ,should there be any service or maintenance calls after the free service , they will be done on a chargeable basis of Rs. 1000/- per visit.

9. Electrical works and wiring inspection to be done by customer during handover and issues, if any, will be rectified.