Frequently Asked Questions

Interior design is an amazing way to get help navigating the design process. Traditionally architects and interior desingers have been helping, in preparing the designs and drawings, which carpenter were helping execute.

Why choose Aantrik ?
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We are a design first studio. We believe strongly in unique designs rather than providing pre-built units to our clients . We are a bespoke interior design studio based in Bangalore, designing spaces that are as unique as you are. Each project is given personal attention by our inhouse team of designers and architects, by providing customized solutions for all your needs. We are very transparent in cost, no hidden charges (like handling fee, transportation fee etc), we have a talented inhouse design team, and we do not work with one size fits all methodology in design as we provide customized solutions for each design, not restrained just modular unit sizes.

What services do you offer? Why should I choose them?

Aantrik offers following services
1. Wood works for - Kitchen, Wardrobes, TV units, etc.
2. Services - Basic civil works, electrical shifting, plumbing, false ceiling, etc
3. Styling - Décor, furniture, lighting, wallpapers, curtains and other related selections

It takes minimum 5- 8 vendor teams, to deliver different services required in home interiors at different stages, Aantrik would help plan, organize and deliver these services.

What is Hybrid Modular system ?

You can get your interiors done in a modular and carpentry method. Both systems have their pros and cons. Modular works good with standard units like wardrobes and kitchen, but a lot of customization is not possible and in carpentry you can do any sort of custom unit.

Do you take only design for a Project ?

We do take projects as design only, we can send you the design fee contract for the project.

Note : We take projects as Design only where estimated Interior execution value is 25L (minimum )

Can a designer visit ?

Designers are there to help you, without design requirement discussion, material understanding, site visit will not be of much help, as designer will bot be able to provide valuable feedback. We work on the design proposal first, followed by site measurement.

Note : Site visits are schedule after the booking of project with Aantrik.

Can designer from Aantrik visit the site to understand my requirements ?

We do NOT provide the service of designers visiting the site before the project is confirmed. As designers, we understand space from the floor plan, and also we offer a free first design consultation at our experience center. At the experience center we would be able to show you the quality of work and finishes we offer.

Is the design team inhouse ?

The complete design team is inhouse, and none of the designs are outsourced.

What are the materials and finishes offered by Aantrik ?

All Carcasses - 2 grades of plywood IS 303 MR GARDE ( All dry areas) and IS 701 BWP ( For all wet areas including kitchen , utility and toilets )
Brands Ply
- Green, Century, Plyneer, Samrat and equivalent ( As per availability we offer) For Shutters : BLOCKBOARD / HDHMR depending on the finish selected by the client External finishes : Laminate, Acrylic, Veneer, PU Paint and Lacquered Glass. Laminate Brands - Green, Century and Merino

What grade of plywood will be used ?

We offer 2 grades of plywood
1. IS 303 - Moisture Resistant Ply
2. IS 710 - Boiling Water Proof Ply

What is the execution milestone?

It depends on the scale of the projects, in general we take 70 -75 working days to complete project execution, if there are substantial custom works, execution timelines can vary. Post design completion of the project we will give the details timeline breakup and handover.

What is HDHMR ?

High Density High Moisture resistant board, it has best of property of PLY and MDF, it is an upgraded form of plywood. Features - Waterproof, fire resistant, termite proof, high in density and good screw holding capacity. Brands - Action tesa , Century etc.

Why is plywood NOT used for shutters?

A. Since plywood is thin sheets of wood, heat pressed to form 16 mm boards, so it tends to bend with time
B. Also ply come with micro surface undulations, so any finishing material on top will show the undulations, hampering final finish.
C. To the contrary HDHMR or block board will have much premium finish.

What are the project timelines for Deisgn and Production ?

Design Timeline : 15 -30 days for designing and material selections, which includes max 3 design iterations
Production Timeline : 60-75 working days from the day design is finalized. Total time for Design + Production = 3-4 Months

Will all the colours and finishes come the way it is shown in Renders?

The renders are for your reference only, we can try matching to the closest finish chosen, final color will be as per actual selections.

Is everything included in the BOQ, meaning the artifacts, wall paintings, toilet accessories etc ?

Only the line items that are mentioned in the Bill of Quantities are considered in the scope of work of Aantrik, that mainly includes your fixed wood works, but we can help with the complete home decor and styling

I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel my project. Will I get a refund?

We’re sorry to see you go. As long as the site measurement has not been done we can process 100% refund. Once site measurement is completed, or the first design proposal is started by your designer, there will be no refund possible from Aantrik.

What is the execution milestone?

Order of Works :
1. False ceiling / electrical changes on site
2. Woodwork material delivery and carcass installation
3. Kitchen Granite / Tiling works etc
4. Shutter installations
5. Painting Works
6. Wallpaper
7. Dry dusting and cleaning

What is the warranty offered by Aantrik ?

There is a 5 Year of manufacturing warranty offered by Aantrik on the woodworks panels on any manufacturing and installation defects.

If I want to go with special laminates ?

In the costing we have considered laminate upto 1800/sheet. ( Unicore, similar and other special laminates will be charged extra)