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Bio Gen
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The Bio-gen office is located in the Industrial area of Bangalore and is designed for a team of well  qualified individuals who make what is one of the most successful companies in the pharmaceutical industry. This is an open office space so that every individual has his own working zone yet is visually connected to the other spaces.

We have used slim black Aluminum profiles holding large panes of glass, combined with wooden door inserts. The wire cut brick wall elevations that have been laid in situ , complementing the concrete finish flooring gives the working space a warm feel. Exposed industrial style ceiling with black hanging rectangular light battens  and exposed conduits helped maintain a larger volume of space for the entire office. The variety of Indoor plants (Sansevieria , Raphis Palm, Jamia) used are Natural Air Purifiers which provide Oxygen 24hrs and help improve the work environment through the day. These plants are placed at corners of all the spaces and also used as Visual dividers.
With these design solutions and state-of-the-art furniture by Featherlite, this office space is an exemplar of a warm working environment and  enhanced productivity and efficient work culture among employees.

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