Balason House

Architects in Bangalore
Mr. Yashwant Singh
A minimalistic living space with earthy materials. The stone walls paired with exposed bricks give this house a contemporary look but also retains the classic nature of the design. The house in the far hills would be a one-story structure, with a brick and stone exterior. The main entrance would be a grand wooden door, leading into a linear foyer opening to an courtyard garden . The main living area would be open-concept, with a dining area, and living room. The kitchen feature a mix of stone and wood , with a quartz backsplash. The floors would be hardwood throughout the main living area, with stone and tile in the bathrooms and utility room.A villa's flying roof capturing view from the snow covered mountain range would have a roof structure that is elevated above the house, allowing for a clear view of the mountain range. The roof is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, and supported by columns by MS posts. The roof made using galvanized sheets to keep the structure light, and helped us in achieving the cantilever of 20ft.
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