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10 ways to organize your Closet

Will you believe if I tell you the neater and organized closet can make you happier? Yes, it is true based on the research conducted by the team of researchers from UCLA in 2001. You think “it’s time to get organized”when your closet is overflowing, spilling shoes, clothes onto the floor. Now you have two problems.one,you need to decide what to keep, and second, how to keep it . So we tried to come up with a few solutions for your closet problems irrespective of the size of your closet .

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1.Investing in matching Hangers
can bring out uniformity in the whole wardrobe space making it look more organized. Simple, yet it will make a huge difference in the way your wardrobe looks

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2.Organize your clothes
by means of color and type makes your job easier in choosing clothes to wear also adding an aesthetic appeal to your wardrobe .

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3.Introduce Wall shelf
for displaying your handbags , clutches and purses in a fashioned manner. Also if you change your handbag on a regular basis, add a small basket for your handbag stuff so that it is easy to transfer stuff into the bag you choose .

Credit  jenwoodhouse

4.Basket Containers
for your each categorized clothing type like your tracks, pyjamas, yoga wear, night wear etc.,making it easier for you to pick out the one you want based on the activity .

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5.Fold your clothes
in the right way. It helps in saving a lot of space thus giving you room for you to increase your wardrobe (I am sure you are planning to). Use shower hangers for hanging your scarves or ties rather than normal hangers so that the space required can be reduced.

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Introducing Drawer Organizers for your intimates and jewelries is really gonna save you a lot of time on the daily basis, where you struggle to release a small piece of cloth or jewel from that huge clustered mess.

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7. Give space for your shoes.
Allocate a seperate space for your shoes. If you could get your shoes off the floor and get a space for it half of your organizing job is done.

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8.Use your wasted wall space
by installing a hook for hanging those frequently used coats ,sweaters or for your frequently used handbags.

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9.A space for your Dirty clothes .
Either it can be hidden in your closet or can be installed at the back of your closet door makes it occupy less space in your floor area.

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Last but not least, Throw those unwanted stuff from your closet. I know it’s hard to throw the stuff that was once your favourite but it helps in saving a lot of space for your stuff to come. You can also save the clothes of the particular season or very rarely used ones in the storage you have under your bed.

From this point on, try to keep your closet organized as you add to it, or remove and return its current contents. Doing so will prevent you from needing to spend a large amount of time to organize your closet again in the future.

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