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5 Designs for your WFH Corner

In this new normal world, Working from home and being productive on a day–to-day basis is quite a challenging task with all the distractions we have at home. Since it was so unpredictable, we weren’t ready with our workspace to work  for more than 6 hours from home on a regular basis. We came up with a few solutions on how to improvise in the design of  your workspace with what you have to increase your productivity.

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A fun, yet very important aspect of working from home is picking the right place for you to set up your work desk . Choose a place where you have good lighting and can sit comfortably far away from the distractions like noises from Television or Kitchen, pets etc.,. If you could pick a spot with a window where you can have a view of your garden or a plant is definitely an added advantage to keep your mind fresh and focussed.

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Keep the orientation easier to access and leave a decent amount of space around it for comfortable flow in circulation . This can save a big deal of time for you. Pick a comfortable chair to work because we here are talking about more hours of work. Avoid chargers and wires all over your desk. Use a Multi-Plug Extension or you can be creative and make it organized with clips, paper holders or cable ties. Incorporating a pin board in your workspace will help organising your targets.

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If you aim to be Productive in your work, chaining yourself to the desk without a break and having your food in your work desk is not a good recipe for Productivity, instead it is for disaster. Incorporate a small space in your design for keeping magazines, books, Puzzles like a book shelf or whatever you apt for small breaks like make a coffee or go for a walk and get some air . This helps in increasing your productivity by making your mind to de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the work time.

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Yes! You read it right . The color you are seeing constantly is going to affect your mood either Positively Or Negatively . So, let’s keep us out of the Negative vibe. If you could find a wall with a Pleasant soothing color it will help you keep up your spirit. If it is difficult, you can add color pops through a nice rug, a planter or by adding a good artsy Painting near your work space.


Adding a small house plant like a money plant or a succulent in your desk is going to help you keep your freshness especially when you need a break from your desk. If you are not good at keeping it alive better would be orienting your desk facing a window for the view of the same. For good smell, get yourself a potted herb or a scented candle in your desk to increase your ability to focus.

Of course it is going to take some time to set all of this up. But as Benjamin Franklin says “For Every minute spent in Organizing , an hour is earned”, it is true that your productivity is not going to increase in a cluttered or messy unorganized atmosphere. So take a few minutes every day to set up your work desk before you start to work. We hope you find this article useful in these difficult times to increase your productivity.

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