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5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

Blog Introduction: The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where we cook, where we eat, where we entertain. So it's no surprise that kitchen design trends are always changing and evolving. If you're thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover in the near future, here are five design trends that will be big in 2023.

Bold Color kitchen theme

1. Bold Colors

In recent years, we've seen a trend towards more neutral colors in kitchens. But in 2023, we're predicting a return to bolder, brighter hues. Think jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. Or go for a more dramatic look with black or deep navy cabinets. Pair them with light countertops and backsplashes to really make the color pop.

Materials used - Granite, duco, ceramic tiles

2. Mixed Materials

Another trend we're seeing for 2023 is the mix of different materials in the kitchen. We're talking wood cabinets paired with marble countertops or stainless steel appliances against glass tile backsplashes. The key is to create a cohesive look by choosing complementary materials that work well together.

Operating kitchen service via phone

3. Smart Technology

As our homes get smarter, so do our kitchens. In 2023, expect to see more kitchens with built-in smart technology like hands-free faucets, automatic fridge doors, and self-cleaning ovens. Not only does this make life easier, but it also helps cut down on energy costs. Win-win!

Corner all utilized

4. Hidden Storage

One of the biggest challenges in any kitchen is finding enough storage space. In 2023, we expect to see more kitchens with hidden storage solutions like pull-out pantries and spice racks, as well as built-in shelving and cabinets that blend into the overall design of the room.

Cook outdoors

5 . Balcony Kitchens

With more people working from home than ever before, outdoor living space is becoming increasingly important. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than by cooking in an outdoor kitchen? In 2023, we predict that outdoor kitchens will become more popular, complete with all the bells and whistles of a indoor kitchen, like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

These are just a few of the kitchen design trends we think will be big in 2023. So if you're planning a kitchen renovation, be sure to keep these in mind!

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