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5 Tricks for Using Mirrors to Make Your Small Space Look Lighter and Brighter

Everyone knows a mirror makes a room appear bigger than it really is, but when it comes to actually hanging one in your home, it can be tough to make the right mounting moves. Yes, they’re the cheapest way to brighten up a dark room or give the sense of more square footage, but you really have to know how to use them if you’re trying to achieve these goals. You're probably still wondering -Which shape is best and What kind of frame? Where exactly do you hang a mirror to max out its decorative potential? Here are five decorating pros that reveal their tried and true secrets for making mirror magic.

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1. Go BIG!

An oversized mirror, the larger the better, is a cure-all for cramped quarters since it expands the sense of visual space—so long as you stick with a fairly simple frame with minimal seams, it offers a visual pleasure of seeing more space.


2. Get the height right

Unless you’re hanging a mirror over a headboard or a mantle, the sweet spot for placement is at the average person’s eye level: roughly 60 inches from the floor to the centre of the mirror. This goes for artwork, too; a common hanging height can become a thread of continuity that will tie your space together.

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3. Pair one with a painting

Wall art that’s too small can make your whole space feel puny, so adding mirrors as an easy fix. Starburst mirrors work brilliantly for this, just hang one on either side of the art and—voilà!—a visually proportionate setup and more light bouncing around the room. Sun and starburst mirrors can also stand in for art themselves, if they’re sizable enough, as evidenced by the above dining nook. 

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4. Pair mirror with a light source

This reflection trick boosts brightness in a room and adds atmosphere and dimension. The ornate surrounding serves as a visual frame to the lamp itself. It’s not just lighting fixtures that go well with mirrors; candles and mirrors are an ideal combo, too. You can go bolder and moodier with your wall color when you have enough light bouncing around your space, and this placement tip will certainly enhance that brightening effect.


credit- Pinterest

5. Take it outside

It may sound silly, but leaning a big mirror on your patio or balcony can make your outdoor area appear larger in the same way it would indoors. Just choose a mirror that’s rustic enough to withstand the elements. Go for a one that will still look good with a little water damage because it definitely won’t stay perfect.

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