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5 Upcoming Interior designers in India

Interior design in India has upgraded its level altogether with luxury residences being the order of the day even to smaller  towns and cities. People today have become more fond of the aesthetic value of their residential and commercial spaces and they want the best when it comes to their home decor. The important fact is creating beautiful spaces isn’t easy. So we have listed few of the Successful Interior designers in India who excelled in creating stunning spaces .

1. Shabnam Gupta..the Classical one

Shabnam Gupta, an principal designer in the well renowned firm “The Orange“, believes in reflecting her visions through her designs. The firm has worked with many celebrities like Parineeti Chopra, Aditya roy Kapoor and Irrfan Khan.

Image credit shabnamgupta

Point of Inspiration – Her work is Classical with traditional touch. Use of Vivid colors with traditional touch makes the space look royal and rich and suitable hand picked artifacts (ie.,carpets, curtains, etc.,) enrich the value.

Check out her website :

2. Aamir and Hameeda..the Industrial ones

AANDH is headed by the husband-wife duo Aamir and Hameeda is known for delivering chic, refined interiors and occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometrics.. Their work ranges from interior design of residences, corporate offices, retail stores and hospitality spaces.

Image credit architectural digest

Point of inspiration– Their work has the sense of unfinished rawness in many of the elements, and it’s not uncommon to see exposed brick, ductwork and wood.high ceilings, old timber and dangling metal light fixtures with sparse functional furniture are seen in many of the projects.

Check out their website :

3. Sunita Kohli…the Contemporary one

Sunita Kohli is the founder of the renowned firm named”K2 India” which is located in New Delhi has its popularity through many creative and contemporary design solutions. The firm has built a significant Portfolio across nations other than India ,that includes Egypt, Bhutan, Srilanka and Pakistan.

Image credit K2 India

Point of inspiration– Reconciling a rigorous academic perspective with the practical realities of designing spaces.A Vadodara home with art collector owners, for instance, was designed by K2 India with specially customized interiors—the furniture, sculpture and art working together to orchestrate a unifying design language.

Website :

4. Ambrish Arora..the Sustainable one

Ambrish Arora, Sidhartha Talwar and Ankur Choksi are the founders of the firm named “Studio Lotus”. The design combo revolves around the fundamentals of sustainability on a cultural, social and environmental level. As differentiating each client, they collect together different sustainable ideas rather than work on one big idea.

Image credit K2 India

Point of inspiration– The team is known to strongly focus on the senses of the site and is known to use materials that age gracefully, replacing synthetic materials with natural ones and prioritizing handcrafted over machine-made.

Check out their website :

5. Lipika Sud ..the Transitional one

Lipika Sud, one of the upcoming interior designers in India is known for her creative design sensibilities. She is known for her creative imagination, which is the combination of Contemporary and Classical in good amounts. She has designed several prestigious projects in India and abroad.

Image credit lipika

Point of inspiration– Borrows from both traditional and modern design to create a space that’s not “too much,” in terms of one style or another. There’s a sense of balance that’s appealing and unexpected.

Check out their website :

Therefore, this was a list of  5 upcoming interior designers in India. Interior designing is at its high time becoming the essential of fine living. Have we missed out on any of your favourite interior designers ? Let us know them here by leaving us the comments !

Research by Ar.Vinodha

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