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8 Flooring Options for Apartments.

Which Task do you feel the most challenging in home decorating ? Exactly, replacing an entire floor is a much bigger & costlier job.But it doesn’t mean you have to just leave in unnoticed.

In 2020 we have lots of flooring options in an affordable cost . Each flooring has its pros and cons depending  which you can choose the best flooring for your home.

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For All -Round usability,looks: Hardwood

Solid wood has been one of the most popular flooring types in hill stations of the country for decades. These floorings are available in strips & planks ( 2” – 6”) .

These woods are available in different shades depending on the type of the wood , colour  say for example walnut , oak , Brazilian cherry , Purple heart.

Top trends : Distressed , Grey wood , Acacia wood

Pros :

  • Suitable for any style of home with any decor.
  • Long – Lasting
  • Can be refinished ( upto 5 times)
  • Increase the resale value home
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof

Cons :  

  • Don’t stand up well to rough handling.
  • Can Shrink & swell , thus bad for bathroom & Laundry rooms.
  • Refinishing required once in 10 years.

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For Green-ness and Sustainability:  Bamboo Flooring

We all know Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can also be used as  flooring that looks similar to a hardwood.On recent days bamboo flooring has become popular as an Eco – friendly ,alternative to wood flooring but as experts say it isn’t always a greater choice.

Bamboo flooring is always available on its own grains and nodes.

Pros :

  • Renewable resources
  • Allows refinishing  
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resists Termites
  • Repels allergens
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Allows the installation of a Radiant floor heating system.

Cons :  

  • Can not withstand Humidity.
  • Can get Scratched .
  • Some floors produce toxins.
  • Prone to damage by water.
  • Lacks of Rustic look.

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For Cost Effective and Easy to clean: Vitrified Tile

When we look as a big picture , vitrified  tile is one of the best choice and it is readily available , offers versatile options .

Pros :

  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Consistent size,shade and thickness
  • Need 48 hrs to use after laying
  • Water absorption and stain resistance
  • Easy to clean and shiny effective
  • Effect of sunlight neither alters the colour of the tile nor cause them to fade.

Cons :  

  • Cost differs on each area
  • Defected tile must be cut along the grout line and surrounding material could be damaged in the process.
  • To ensure stability , high quality , adhesives are used.
  • Slippery when wet.
  • Difficult to install.


For Richie look : Marble Flooring

The first choice that comes for all the house owners rather than vitrified tile is Marble flooring. Throughout history , marble floor has been seen as a symbol of royalty and wealth. Marble,in  its natural form , is cut out from stone quarries and taken to factories where it is cut into tiles , mosaics ,slabs.

Pros :

  • Appearance  
  • Translucent
  • Distinctive and unique
  • Do not require chemical processing
  • Natural material and high density
  • Glossy and shine

Cons :  

  • Can easily be scratched
  • Soft and breatile
  • Prone to stains
  • Sealants.
  • Slippage Hazard
  • Fragile and Expensive


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For Rustic , Industrial Look: Concrete Flooring

We all seen in our grandparents house even in mid 90’s concrete slab  has served as flooring for basements, garages , patios and utility. But now concrete is a viable material in home interiors.

Pros :

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Design flexibility

Cons :  

  • Hard and cold
  • Slippery
  • Susceptible to moisture
  • Concern to Environment
  • Cracking


For Foot Friendly Feel : Cork Flooring

Cork is the next resilient material which is the byproduct of oak tree bark, which you can harvest every 8 to 10 years without killing the tree , making cork a sustainable material.The bark is boiled and compressed into sheets. Cork because of its Sponge cellular structure can revert back to its original shape.

Pros :

  • Warm and soft underfoot
  • Natural Rustic look
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco Friendly  

Cons :  

  • Vulnerable to moisture , Tears and dent.
  • Needs to be resealed with wax or polyurethane to protect it from stains and water damage.

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For Resilience & Authenticity : Linoleum

Linoleum is another resilient material that’s been in use nearly 150 years.It is made from natural materials , including cork powder and linseed oil.Linoleum is always confused with the vinyl flooring. This flooring gives a retro look.

Pros :

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long lasting ( 40 Years)
  • Available in Vivid Colours
  • Eco Friendly material
  • No Harmful Emission  

Cons :  

  • Dent and tear by sharp objects
  • Fade and turns into yellow when used in rooms with heavy sunlight
  • Not water resistance , so bad choice for bathrooms , laundry rooms .

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For Decorative Look : Ceramic

Hard glazed tiles made of ceramic and Porcelain have been used a flooring material for centuries . These are used as a decorative tile as they come in array of colours and patterns.Quarry tile , terracotta tile are also the types of ceramic tiles.

Pros :

  • Colours and shape options
  • Can create virtually any pattern through printing technology
  • Can mimic natural stone and even wood
  • Durable
  • Scratch , dent and moisture resistant
  • Less maintenance and easy to clean

Cons :  

  • Tiles feel cold and hard underfoot , difficult to fix
  • Terracotta tile require regular sealing
  • Slippery and footstep sounds loud

There have been a wide range of options for flooring in the recent days. Above mentioned are a few recent trends that suit all kinds of interiors. Flooring makes a lot of difference in the look and feel of the house. Right choice of flooring enhance the beauty of the space.

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