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8 mistake to avoid while designing your kitchen

The new-age modular kitchens are highly functional, sophisticated and can be customised as per the requirements of the homeowner. Since a modular kitchen is not only expensive to install but is also a long-term investment, it should be comfortable to use and should last for years to come.

However, if your kitchen feels unwelcoming and is prone to a lot of chaos then it is time to reorganise and realign the space. Every kitchen faces day-to-day problems as it is one of the busiest and most hardworking areas of the home. That's why it is necessary to have a well-planned and organized kitchen which is easy to maintain. Experts identify the troublesome areas of the kitchen and give solutions to make it a calm and peaceful space. 

Absence of Natural Light

If there is no natural light in the kitchen, a combination of ambient lighting and task lighting is the way to go.  All downlights should be directed towards the overhead cabinets so that the countertops are also well-lit. Since a single light fixture creates a lot of shadow, multiple lighting sources should be incorporated to create an overlapping effect which prevents dark parches in the kitchen. Introduce LED strip lights under the overhead cabinets to provide focused illumination on the countertop, hob and sink

Lack of Ventilation

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The kitchen should be well-ventilated and should prevent the build-up of grime, soot, cooking odours and smoke. There should be a window for natural ventilation. A chimney with a high suction power is a must-have for every kitchen as it helps in creating a space which is free from odours, smoke and soot, Clean the kitchen on a daily basis as foul odours may also be produced by moisture in the sink, dirty kitchen towels, food particles, spills, clogged drains and from the trash bin.

Inadequate Counter Space

Increase the existing countertop space by keeping it clutter-free. Do not store things on the countertop, keep all the smaller kitchen appliances like the mixer, grinder, toaster and blender within closed cabinets and hang your pots, ladles, spatulas etc., on the kitchen backsplash.

Pest Infestation

Go for a periodic pest control service after every four months and maintain the hygiene of the kitchen so that the food residue and spills do not attract pests. The latest pest control method is hassle-free because a herbal gel is applied with a gun in the hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen and one does not have to empty the kitchen during the service

Inadequate Storage

A straight line or L-shaped kitchen layout is most suitable for compact kitchens. If the kitchen is spacious, consider an island within a U-shape. Make sure that there is adequate circulation space around the kitchen island so that the kitchen does not feel cramped. Insufficient storage is a major problem in most kitchens as it leads to a lot of chaos. Therefore increase the kitchen storage by making use of the vertical space with full-height overhead cabinets and store the less frequently used items in the topmost shelves. If space permits, include a compact kitchen island as it can accommodate a lot of storage and double up as a multifunctional dining or breakfast table.\

Not Planning for Utilities

Utilities like plumbing, electrical sockets and switches for various kitchen appliances, wiring, position of the geyser, water purifier and gas pipes should be planned in advance as it cannot be an afterthought.

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