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All about hanging lights in interior designing

Use of proper lighting in the space makes the designers work easier and also helps effectively in changing the mood of the space. If the lighting is not done properly, the space you designed might look dull and uninteresting. Placement of lighting and the type of light fixtures we use plays a prominent role in interior spaces, they should go well with all aspects like room space, color, natural light and furniture's in the space. Hanging lights are attracting more people’s interest now and have become a key element in all the interior spaces to give a complete look to the space.

There are two types of hanging lights in general, Chandelier and pendant lights. Both differ from each other based on their design and their usage purposes. There are also different types and designs available in the market, which can be chosen based on the design style and the interior space. Listed below are some of their features and uses.

Pendant Light

In lighting, the word “pendant” refers to any lighting fixture mounted on a chain, stem, cable or wire that hangs down into a space.

They are generally used in many spaces  because of their ability to direct down the light to a surface to be highlighted. Use of the number of pendant lights usually depends on the spatial factor, they can be hung as a standalone light source or it can be hung in a series.

Depending on the placement, hanging lights can also be described as task lighting as these are direct light emitting from the source, which will help you see in detail what you are doing.

Pendant lights can be used in all spaces of your home. Be it task lighting in kitchens, ambient lighting in living rooms or dining areas, accent lighting in hallways or decorative lighting in your living room, pendant lights can be used everywhere to enhance the overall appearance of your home interiors.

However, to decide on the application of these hanging pendants, it is crucial to understand their various types. Drum pendant, Linear pendant, Globe pendant, Bowl pendant, Exposed bulb pendant, Multiple pendants, Mini pendant and Abstract pendant lights are the types of pendant light available in the market.


Chandelier can be identified easily by the people as the grandeur and elegance hanging from the ceiling is so hard to miss.

No matter the type of chandelier, it serves as a brilliant focal point that pulls the entire room together. Technically speaking, the central body is connected with several multiple light branches.

Chandeliers are designed to provide more ambient lighting. That means that they are intended to be a source of elegance or aesthetic and to create a desired environment.

They serve dual purpose in your house as a decorative piece and also happen to provide light. The lighting source is indirect so the room will be filled with light in a uniform manner.

Chandeliers tend to be at higher price than the pendant lights as they are usually large in size, require professional installation and feature more expensive materials.

Chandeliers, due to their size, look best in entry ways, dining rooms and living rooms. While selecting the chandelier it is important to consider the size of the room,  both in length and width. The chandelier you select  should be proportionate to the size of your room.

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