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Balcony Trends in 2021

Balcony Trends in 2021



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“A balcony is a welcome city escape, a private outdoor oasis in the concrete jungle...”

When looking for an apartment or condo, a balcony is probably on your “must have” list. Sitting outside while drinking your morning coffee or relaxing beneath the stars with someone special are coveted experiences in a home without a yard.

Whether you have a beautiful view, or your balcony overlooks another wall, you can turn this outdoor living space into something special.

Balcony Gardens

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Balcony gardens are the essential touch of greenery in the modern concrete jungle. A garden on your balcony is something very pleasing to the eye. In recent times, people have woken up to the fact that mankind’s mindless plunder of Earth and its resources have left it gasping for breath. The need to conserve resources and balance our carbon footprint, creating a flora of your own certainly is the way to go for a healthy environment and lifestyle for the urban individual. 

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Growing a garden on the balcony will also give access to fresh produce even in small quantities. It can be the essential source of herbs and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. For those who consider gardening their favorite pastime, a balcony garden is the perfect option to encourage their green thumb. For those who do not have a green place, the balcony garden will be a true revelation.

The Outdoor professional


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With the onset of the Global pandemic surging, people have setup their office and studio spaces from their homes and balconies are playing a fresh new role of providing them just the right space for workflow. Even the smallest balcony will allow you to install a secretary or a sideboard, an armchair with a coffee table or a rack with many toolboxes. This can be incorporated as a part of your indoor room or separate from the closed space depending on personal preference.

On the contrary, balconies can also help get away from work, duties, hustle bustle and life problems and provide a more calming space to unwind after a long hard day. 

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Private Paradise

All the intelligence in the decoration of a balcony is in the love with which you decorate. The will to make it your little comfort cocoon is what matters.


If you choose to go with the earthy tones of the Boho style, perhaps look to some low maintenance plants such as succulents and soft grasses, it’s a perfect balcony idea for making your outdoor space a casual, comfortable retreat. Boho balcony décor is colorful and welcoming and should include a variety of potted plants and hanging planters. Colorful rugs and pillows add boho flair to ordinary outdoor furniture.

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A modern balcony is one that adheres to the minimalist principles of modern style. This doesn’t mean just tossing a chair on the balcony and calling it minimalist décor. True modern apartment balcony ideas will include intentional use of a simple color palette, simple furniture, and few accessories or embellishments. A modern balcony makes the most of what exists. Therefore, if you have a spectacular view, leave it as unobstructed as possible. Conversely, if your view is nothing exciting to behold, shift the focus to a fantastic mid-century patio chair or a colorful rug printed in a modern geometric pattern.

For a large terrace, bringing in a new sense of luxury to the balconies always adds character . High-end outdoor furniture, a luxurious outdoor rug, and weatherproof artwork are all commonly found on luxury balconies. A truly luxury balcony is also one that creates a feeling of privacy. Achieve this through planting tall balcony garden plants, such as bamboo or tall narrow shrubs in planter boxes on each end of your terrace. Customize the flooring to replace the boring concrete and tile with wood panel flooring or faux grass turf.

A balcony is a perfect place to exhibit personal style. It can be as basic or as stylish as you wish, and any type of décor that you enjoy inside can also be expressed outdoors. Hang dramatic lanterns or clusters of string lights and accent your furniture with beautifully printed textiles. Tuck candles between flower pots and hang metal mandalas or other art on the walls.

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