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COLORS !! And Psychology of Colors..

Colors can either create or destroy a space.Every color tends to possess certain psychological impacts when used in interior spaces.Our perception of color is the collective evolution that has been happening for decades as people evolve, so thus their perceptions. It can alter a person’s state of mind, stimulates anger, evokes happiness and sadness. In this article, we will be listing the characteristics of some widely used colors in interiors and its psychological impacts on the users.

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1. RED..a color of Passion and Love

   Red color seems to strongly tend towards love, desire, passion, energy and also ….Danger! It is such a bold color that it can easily become overwhelming, so use it with caution. It is well suited for areas such as living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms.
If you are towards the idea of making a “cool” room warmer, red is the best choice to use it as an accent color. On the other hand Pink, which comes as the family of red is used to express Romance, love and friendship.

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2. YELLOW..a happy fellow

Being the color of sunshine it represents Joy, happiness and energy. so it is welcoming. But when yellow is overused it has the capacity to make people lose their mind. So it is a good choice to use yellow as an accent color. Yellow, when used with gray, brings out the sophistication of the space.

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3. ORANGE is the New Black

Orange just like in fashion is a huge hit in interior design as well. Orange represents creativity, enthusiasm and stimulation. Being a cheerful color, it is well suited for gym areas and fun spaces.

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4. Live GREEN…Live Calm

Green is a complete color that even when it is the only color used in the entire space it will still be able to pull off richness and balance. Green is the symbol of Freshness, growth, harmony and Calm. People tend to feel safe and comfortable in the green atmosphere. Green can be used for all the rooms in the house.

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5. PURPLE..the royal color

Purple is dramatic, rich, and sophisticated. It is capable of giving  design a depth and is related with luxury and creativity. Lighter values of purple, such as lavender, can add a restful quality to a bedroom.

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6. BLUE..color for your mind

Blue is the color which symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, truth and heaven. Being a color of calmness it has the tendency to slow down the metabolism and hence used in office or study areas and bathrooms. Deep midnight blue can be used in bedrooms which will create the feeling of luxury whereas sapphire blue is for accents.

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7. BLACK ..depth of all colors

Even Though black has more fans than any other color, people hesitate to use black in the interior spaces because of its dark and bold personality. Black when used in required amounts as an accent color, the output will be elegantly royal and confident. It is much used in spaces like offices, Boy’s bedroom and bachelor’s space.

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8.WHITE..a classy color

Need a color to brighten up your dark space? White…here you come. It is the best option to achieve a bright, minimalistic yet classy look out of a space. White has a calming effect by nature.

To conclude,
It is very essential to analyze the psychological impacts of colors before you put it into your home. One of the basic exercises we could try before doing that is, write down the colours you are choosing for your interior spaces and write down the first word of emotion that comes to mind about that color. That way you will know what emotion you have towards the color.

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