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Colors complimenting classic blue

For all those who are in love with blue, Pantone revealed Classic Blue as the colour of the year 2020, it is a lovely hue called by pantone as ‘ sky at dusk’. Now it's a colour with us for the next 365 days won't it be great to know what all colours will it pair with it ? so you can use it in your house interior without a speck of doubt. So let us start with our first shade…..

A beat of Orange

If you see the colour wheel, the complimentary colour against blue is yellow, right along we have orange which also goes good the classic blue, which means all your rustic brass and gold decors will complement this shade of classic blue, in your next project do try this colour below is the reference how  your space will render.

credit anthonygeorgehome

Make blue stand out with pure white

If you want your space to be crisp white is a good option which comes naturally in contrast with your classic blue. This colour pallet of classic blue and white style goes good for classic kitchen design, use it with shaker style kitchen panels, you would love the final result.

credit the spruce

Mustard yellow

Play with the stark contrast of yellow with the blues. Both colours belong to two different categories yellow is from the warm palette and blue is from the cool pallet, combining these two together in a single scene, these colours bring the space to a fine balance.

credit twillowandhal

Teal green, a friend of blue

Cool colors include green, and blue, and are often more subdued than warm colors. They are the colors of night, of water, of nature, and are usually calming, relaxing, and somewhat reserved.

credit home edit

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