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Cosmetic Interiors

Ever Wonder the phases of interior designing are very elaborated and have hidden doors ? There are two main phases in an interior design process and which many of us fail to know . Phase 1 could be of all the built in or wood works and which needs good craftsmanship . The next phase is the cosmetic phase , which we will discuss further in this blog .

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Cosmetics makes a woman pretty us a doll , similarly cosmetic interior makes the phase lively and can be done at the final stages of the design process.

Wall art - the game changer 

Starting with wall art or an art piece makes justice to this topic . How good the space can be, it always depends on the art piece that emphasizes the wall and defines the wall. It is always recommended to take the designers ideas for this particularly. Always adding clean lines , geometric patterns and modern art makes the space elegant and clean in a mid - century , modern , contemporary style theme .

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Add some green 

Green, as we know a vibrant colour and more related to nature . Adding super bright green for walls or curtains makes the user feel suffocated . Here is an alternative , add green plants either at the corner of a long room or in the open shelves of  a  small room . The space automatically gets its birthing space and the users too.

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Curtains / Blinds 

Selecting the right toned curtains or blinds to your space is always being a task . As a designer , we suggested having pastel , mild toned curtains or blinds for any space it can either be a living or bedroom . Long floor to ceiling curtains are recommended when there is a wide french window or sliding window that opens into the balcony . This is to avoid the closeness or suffocation in the room . Whereas , for rooms with small window fabric blinds or wooden blinds will do good .  

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There is always a grace that exists in the universe when it comes to decor lights like floor lamps , wall lights , ceiling lights or chandeliers . It is not necessary that everything mentioned above needs to exist in your house . A floor Lamp goes well in hand when the space is super big or the corner of a room is not balanced properly by the other elements in the room .

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Wall decors 

Wall clocks in recent days grasped or sought lots of attention . An empty wall or plain surface, say for example, the sofa behind the wall or a projecting column can be treated with wall decor elements like clock , murals , wall hangings .

Spending lots on the built in objects will never give satisfaction until it is groomed or decorated properly with the suitable elements . Designing is an art and everybody can't be Picasso in it .
Happy designing.



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