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Craving More Space? – 6 Clever Ways to make your apartment seem bigger

Having a foothold in the city is no small feat. After all, they say this is where dreams come true. But having said that, living in a matchbox-style city home can be far from comfortable. So before you think of breaking your bank to invest in a bigger home, we suggest you hit pause. Are there ways to maximise space in your small dwelling? The answer is, yes. All you need is some clever ideas.

Consider an open Floor Plan

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If you are in the middle of redesigning your home or have the budget to make some structural changes, we suggest you knock down a few walls and open up areas. An ideal open floor plan should be between the living room, dining and kitchen. The absence of walls creates a sense of openness. In case major structural changes are not possible, doors between these spaces can be removed too.

Opt for Built-In Storage

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When there is less clutter, the space immediately looks bigger. Remember how big the house looked before you moved in with all your belongings? This is where smart modular interior design comes in. Instead of bringing home bulky cabinets, ask your architect/designer to create in-built units for you, fitted into wall niches. If you live in a rented accommodation, choose corner cabinets that don't feature in the main social areas. Remember to paint them the same hues as your wall to help them blend in.

Choose a Light Colour Palette

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When picking out a paint colour for your walls, we suggest you go for lighter tones that reflect maximum light and make a space seem larger. Replace your dark greys and blues with colours like white, beige and cream to give an illusion of bigger space. Try shades of the same base colour. For a pop of hue, go in for bright accessories or plants. Light colours on walls blur the boundaries between the wall and ceiling, essentially making the ceiling seem higher. This is valid for flooring as well. Use light tiles or wood to maximise the effect

Bring in the Light

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Lighting affects the perception of each area. Avoid dim lights, dark corners and low-level lighting. Go in for a combination of pendant lights, recessed lamps and floor lighting and ensure that the light is focused on the central areas of the space. Natural light is also a space-enhancer. If your home is blessed with broad or corner windows then it is recommended to take advantage of the incoming natural light and choose simple blinds or sheer curtains for your windows.

Use the Magic of Mirrors

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Light is one of the critical elements to make your kitchen stand out, especially for a small open kitchen. Use some ornamental pendant lights, cabinets with backlights and strip-led lights to add an element of drama to your kitchen. They also add up to your living room and bring liveliness and a piece of fun to your house parties as well.

Choose the Right Furniture Size

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A big couch in a small room can make the space look cramped, leaving no room to walk around. It is important that you choose the right furniture size as that can amplify how big the space looks. Pick pieces that are small or medium and are proportionate to the size of your room. Consider flexible pieces like stools, chairs, ottomans that can be moved around easily in the home.

One of the most important aspects of ‘making space' is by decluttering. So while many of us love to collect things, decluttering every few months is essential if you want your home to look spacious. You don't have to let go of everything that's special, but sort them into different boxes ranging from your most to least favourite stuff. When you feel the time is right, let go of a box or two that has your least favourite things. This way, you can purge your home of unimportant things and keep your home neat and clean.

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