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Design trends that faded in 2020!

Yes, trends come and go and eventually renew themselves, if you’re now working on a new project and your client wants a trendy outcome, you might want to read on and understand which are the definite don’ts your client doesn’t want to see in these upcoming days!
Below listed ideas are some of the hints to make your design trendy and updated to the current situation. We have given some images as an example to highlight the present trend and the text below describes the points to be avoided.

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No More Monochromes !

So far white and grey has played a major role in designing our interior spaces and now it’s time to say no more monochrome and neutral colours as the bold ones are getting trended everywhere.

Warmer shades such as pink, peach and oatmeal have been gradually replacing grey as the choice for a more neutral palette. Nowadays people are showing more interest in fun wallpapers and bold colours on their living walls.

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No More Neutral Furniture !

Furniture is considered to serve an important role in the part of interiors. These many days people were very keen in buying it with the neutral colours and brown leathered sofas, which has come to an end now.
Considering the wall colours to be bold your furniture should contrast it and become a statement piece in your house. Look out for modern florals, geometric designs and even animal print. If florals aren’t your thing, try a stripe in either bright velvet or more muted linen.

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No More Tropical Prints !

All those green tropical patterns like leaves, flamingos, florals have been in peak form for the last few years, but now these prints have become common and have started appearing in all type cushions, bedspreads and so on.

And  now it’s time for some pastel themed and coral patterns to create a trend as more bold colors will be taking part in our design.

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No More White Bathrooms !

Usage of white tones from floor to ceiling has been followed as a general rule while designing among all the designers to make the space look big and spacious, but now the trend has become contrast to the ideas followed so far. Bringing in bold colours and making the contrast inside the bath space has become a trend now. They look spectacular but tend to be on the expensive side.

credit freepik

No More Neutral Cabinets !

As with bathrooms, choosing the dual-tone or even a three-tone look has become a trend now to bring in some colours and textures inside the kitchen spaces, with different colours used on eye-level units, base-level units and free-standing islands.

credit freepik

No More Plastic !

Biophilia — surrounding oneself with nature and natural materials in order to feel a connection with the outside world — has come to the fore in interiors this year, and it’s a trend that is set to continue into the next decade as we are increasingly avoiding the plastic in favour of more sustainable materials.

Listed above are some design ideas that will make a great impact in your design to make it suitable for the current trend.
Happy Designing !!!

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