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Home Automation System and Smart Home Devices

Smart homes are the domestic face of the Internet of Things. In recent years everyone has become so much used to connecting everyday devices in their homes to the internet and to each other to make our lives more comfortable, economical, entertaining and safe.
As the role of technology in our lives continues to get faster and more powerful, we can expect home automation and artificial intelligence to provide domestic help in more diverse and innovative ways.

Let’s take a glance at few of the latest trending technologies for home automation devices :

Voice Controlled Devices

Today the voice feature of alexa is not only being used for placing amazon orders or making calls, but is also being used as a source of information or as a control center for other devices. Today, one of the most common and top requested commands for the device is “what’s the weather” or “game scores”. Other capabilities are being used by less than 50 % of the owners. But with the integration of technology, this is all going to change. As users know that their smart speaker has a better use as a controller device for their home.

Home Automation

With many homeowners not finding enough hours in a day to complete their day to day tasks, they are readily accepting the home automation solutions for their homes.
Now imagine in the morning your alarm going off, the curtains open up halfway through, the water heater turns on, the house temperature readjusts and the coffee machine starts brewing hot coffee. And all this happens before you even step out of the bed. Now that’s something.

Smart Kitchens Appliances

The most amount of work that happens in any home is in the kitchen. And as technology progresses, we are going to see more and more smart kitchen appliances. Till now kitchens have seen the least progress in smart tech. But this is all changing as new Wi-Fi connected smart appliances are being introduced everyday.

Whirlpool is introducing its Yummly-powered smart cooking technology. It is being offered on a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen devices. With a few simple voice commands, homeowners can find recipes by simple saying what ingredients they have on hand. Additionally, it will download video tutorials and display them on its monitor.

Samsung is offering the Family Hub refrigerator in its latest line refrigerators, using an AI-enhanced LCD screen, to display information making the refrigerator notepad a thing of the past. Samsung incorporated a digital assistant into the fridge which can be used for several purposes. And many other companies have now started looking in the same direction with more intent.

Smart Surfaces

GHSP, a supplier of premium appliances, is bringing its Smart Backsplash to the market. The backsplash has a touchscreen that allows homeowners to set up cooking controls, find recipes online, stream music, and more while standing almost anywhere in the kitchen. While not in use, the backsplash can display a still image, or show different widgets such as time and weather.

Better Sleep With Smart Lighting

For a very long time lighting has been the fastest growing segment when it comes to home automation. Earlier manufacturers were producing lights with just an automated on/off function or even changing the color of the light. But now as technology is progressing, things have become more advanced.
As overexposure to light will lead to adverse effects on your circadian rhythm, resulting in sleep loss or poor sleep. Keeping this in mind now the automation industry has started producing lights in which  adjustments are made throughout the night progressively resulting in  a much sound sleep.


Smart home technology and home automation is definitely going to see some growth and development in the coming years. A large number of new products will be introduced in the market every year  and will make the market even more competitive. In order for these products to get cheaper, the competition in the market has to stay strong. It will definitely be interesting to see what new products will be incorporated in our lives in the future.