Home-Wellness Essentials in the Age of COVID-19

Our needs are tied to our emotions, which are themselves influenced by our surroundings. The pandemic we’re living through has intensified certain emotions and shaken up our priorities. Our home ought to be a haven of rest, relaxation and wellness. And while the term “wellness” gets bandied about an awful lot these days, the fact remains that there are some things you can do to help your home work harder to keep you healthy.

Multipurpose rooms


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Home isn’t just home anymore. With the pandemic and lockdown, it has become an office, a school, a gym, a play area, a restaurant and a place to retreat and relax. We therefore need more flexibility in our interiors today, with modular and adaptable elements. This pandemic has really caused consumers to look deep at their needs, and with that we’ve really prioritised items that are more adaptable for all situation. look for furniture and accessories that allow us to work and play in the same space. Hybrid designs, detachable units and convertible pieces are the keys to creating a home suited to the “new normal.”

Clean indoor air and water


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Before COVID-19 there was already a growing awareness of the importance of healthy air, but today it has really become a priority as we spend more and more time at home. Homeowners are looking for all possible means to improve indoor air quality. Adding a houseplant or two is an easy way to make the air inside your home cleaner. Some of the plants that work most effectively at cleaning the air include snake plant, ferns and peace lily.

Restful environments

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Our homes have also become our refuges, a place to rest and recharge our batteries. We are without a doubt in a comfort movement. Responding to this need are products that ensure high-quality sleep, helping us process our daily emotions and protecting our immune systems, such as sleep and breathing monitors and sound insulation. Install blackout drapes to block outdoor light sources like streetlights at night for a more restful sleep. Invest in a comfortable mattress and bedding made of natural fibres such as cotton, wool and linen.



Areas for wellness activities


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Wellness in general has become a priority in this time of anxiety. The experts observed that we’re focusing on ourselves more now, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. This search for well-being also includes physical activity at home, with a focus on equipment and furniture resilient enough to withstand daily use, including stain-resistant, waterproof, warming and anti-odour products that can be used for exercise.



Mood-boosting interiors


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The months of lockdown, during which we had little social interaction and cancelled long-awaited events, have affected our morale. Working from home has likewise created stress, blurring boundaries between work and private life, sometimes pushing us to work much longer hours. This has created a need for little mood boosters in our homes that help us escape the new daily reality.


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Expect to see stimulating purchases that provide instant gratification — joyful, colorful products that elevate the mood. For example, the experts noted an increase in searches for watercolor paints and ukuleles!


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