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How to Make Your Home Touch Free with the Right Products

A Clean Home is a Happy Home” Every one of us thinks creatively in an exam hall and it’s obvious that we are undergoing such a Nervous situation these days. We are worried about the safety of our family even indoors.

Here comes a few Home products that can be used in these Chaos.

Foot door handle

Doors….Let’s Open it

Open the doors of your house differently. We do open the doors in some different ways during hectic situations and step null is one best option for opening the door  using your feet and hands free.

Where to get ?

The above mentioned product is available on Amazon, flipkart , Aliexpress and easy to install by yourself.

Touchless switches

Hi…. to your Switches

Sensors, motion recorders play vital roles in many sectors. Switch models like Wave Switches , Motion Sensor switches,Radiant night lights respond to the action of ON & OFF by the user’s motion which are energy conservative measures for the Present World.

Brands like LEGARD SWITCHES offering these types and the installation are the same as the normal switches and need to be fixed by the experts only.

Auto Vacuum cleaner

Sleek Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners and little robots that drive around your house cleaning it for you. These are smart solutions and are more hygienic solutions that are worth being considered in these times , as they allow the user to get into dust and dirt corners of the home.

These Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with a dust compartment and filters that emptied and  cleaned without needing to replace them.

These vacuum cleaners are available in AMAZON,FLIPKART and are not expensive.

Water Closet Touchless

Sh……Its Flush…..

We always find difficult to get alternatives for a toilet flush and again in 2020 we have an alternative for the same where technology like sensor and motion playing a vital role . These sensor flashes are available in the market manufactured by companies like plumbing plus  and no worries about the short circuits .  

Water wastage are reduced to half and an eco friendly alternative.

Touchless Faucet

Why not some Fancy Faucet ?

There are a wide range of options available for kitchen , bathroom faucet. Apart from sensor and motion detector these faucets are available in voice control to manage both volume of the water and temperature. These sensor faucet are available in India in brands like Jaguar, Cera, Euronics.

Smart HOB

Be a Smart Cook….

It’s very important to find solutions for the one important space in our home’s kitchen. We create memories in the kitchen and it is important to provide a healthy kitchen with hygienic food.Here comes the importance of a stove where you keep on using your hands. Same as that of a faucet and switches Stoves are also available with motion and sensor controls . These stoves are available in brands like Prestige , Philips , Pigeon brands.

Wall mount dispenser

Wash Your Hands …. Soap dispenser

During this Pandemic it is repeatedly insisted to wash your hands and keep your face and hands clean . We found solutions for faucets and a Soap dispenser is as important as a faucet. These faucets are available in Amazon , Flipkarts and fun using it. A touch free dispenser automatically reduces the risk of infections.

Automated curtains

Touchless Curtains

One less noticed element in the house is the curtains and thus the reason where your guests like  the germs and dust stays for long . You can avoid such a dusty feel every time you open the curtain by making it automatic. The curtains work by the mechanism of a motor fixed to your pelmet or to the wall and all you need is to operate with a tiny remote or even your smart phone again.

Touchless dustbins

Keep the dirt away …

Disposing is as important as using an object. At it is important to use the right trash bin as your home utensils. It is recommended by WHO to use closed bins which avoid the direct contact of germs and bacteria . These bins are available online by the sellers like amazon , flipkart and these bins are again a sensor controlled elements.

Biometric door lock

Lock Safely ….

Locking the doors made easy even before the pandemic . There are lots of automatic door locks are  available in the market which can be connected to your smart phones. Even this system of connectivity to your mobile which is our partner nowadays makes life easier.

As the proverb says “ Cleanliness is next to Godliness “ apart from all above mentioned products it is our responsibility to stay home safely and fight against the Pandemic .

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