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Ideas to use Space above your Toilet/WC

A Bathroom doesn’t have to be big to have great style and function.Using every inch in the bathroom makes it functional and effective.It increases the storage space, adds elegance and also benefits you a lot.

Mostly the space above your toilet seat is empty and vacant which can be used to make it more practical and effective.

credit jayadores

1. Floating shelves

When we think of utilising a space in the toilet, the first thing that strikes our mind is to have storage space. Yes, it can be given first priority as we have a lot of things to be kept in our toilets.

For this arranging the ledges one above the other vertically helps in creating a storage space which can be used effectively for keeping shampoo bottles, toilet paper,

Towels etc…

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2. Free standing shelves

If you are bored at regular shelving and if you don’t feel like doing something on your wall, i am sure then this is an alternate way for storage then.Yes, lean a ladder against the wall behind your toilet to add some storage space for towels, hanging baskets and other toiletries.

It gives a nice look to the bathroom and it becomes user friendly if you want to clean your flush tank, just push it aside, clean it and put it back.

credit alizswonderland

3. Recessed Shelves

This looks like a good idea for storage but it needs little plumbing changes.Idea of niche over the toilet wall helps great in storage option but you need to change the toilet plumbing and move it to the side as we are introducing space for storage.  

This space can be used to store toilet papers and even some decor items also.

credit potterybarn

4. Small library

Do you love to read books and magazines? Then I am sure this idea is for you. Many of us have the habit of reading magazines and books during our morning and evening routine and yeah in this scenario everyone is very keen in using their time for gaining knowledge and no one likes to waste their time.

Metal racks and hangers can be used for this type of storage.It also helps in storing toilet papers and towels.

credit lalalisette

5. Piece of painting

No room is too small for Artwork. Bathroom is a space where all our morning and evening routines are made, it can be made glamorous by adding some fun into the space by using colours.

Adding paintings you love over the toilet space brings in joy and makes it lively and why not it can also be a quote which brings you smile everyday when you use the space.

credit thatplantylife

6. Space for plants

Your bathroom can be a surprising place to grow plants that will lighten up your mood. Using specific plants in your bathrooms purify the air than doing it with air freshner and they also have the ability to eliminate bacteria and absorb excess moisture.

Lots of people will also find if they are in a room with plants it does actually have the effect of relieving stress and putting you in a more calm and relaxing mood.

So these are some ideas that can be implemented easily in your bathrooms to make it look beautiful and also space efficient. I also have attached some links with the picture which can be used to purchase similar storage items.

Happy Decorating!

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