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Interior Design Considerations for your home Post COVID

As we isolate ourselves in our home, there is a lot of time to realize how our interiors affect our mood, our work and physical comfort. Now that we are in this new crisis situation, How livable are the spaces we occupy? Will a post-pandemic world shower new ideas to spatial arrangements? Here are the ways we believe interior design will change as the result of today’s Quarantine Culture.

The influence of mental and physical health

The importance of interior design in mental and physical health will become more important than ever. We will need to consider how to improve our mental health through interior environments, using lighting, materials, sound and acoustics. We will have to consider what elements of design we can use to protect the public’s health, including materials, distancing, physical separation or proximity, and interaction with objects.

Bring the physical and virtual world together  

Currently, the environment is of two divisions, they are primarily physical environments and virtual spaces. As meeting people virtually through video conferencing is making people more aware of how they are perceived, the  spaces in the future will be designed with that in mind. The main considerations will be how we tackle the noises and inadequate light that’s been a problem in this scenario.

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Comfortable Social barriers

The so-called “personal bubble” will start to increase. Public interior spaces  in the apartments or the communities we live in, will include standards to assist in creating comfortable social barriers without being distracting, obvious and

non-approachable. The Public Interior spaces will be designed in such a way that the people will no longer seem crowded.

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Home Office

As the connected economy disconnects, offices in residences will no longer be an afterthought. Residences will no longer have a home office, but an office at home. Significant reconsideration of how we can create a beautiful, functional office at home will be designed and set up to accommodate full time workplaces. The interesting task is to get all this in the smaller spaces, where usually we have only a desk as the office.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Now that we spend a lot of time at home, Opening up the space to light and fresh air is important given that our dwellings were never meant to be as profoundly multi-functional as a shelter-in-place scenario requires them to be. We tend to transform spaces into multi-functional spaces, work spaces etc., For example, a Living room where you can delegate a corner for your meditation or workout.

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