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Make your Bathroom look Bigger

Everyone has a dream of having a vast and spacious bathroom, which can be made into real by using some tricks to give a bigger look.

Every inch is counted in small spaces and it is very important to use it wisely.Listed below are some ideas that can be used to show the space enlarged!

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Colour palette decides the size !

One of the easiest ways to give your toilet space a spacious look is to use light and pastel colours, which will help in reflecting more light rather than absorbing and helps in achieving a larger look.

A well-lit bathroom will always look bigger than a dim/harshly lit one.

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Wall Cavities…

Storage is an essential way when you have small space, it’s very important to use it wisely and give a seamless look.

Have you ever heard about a term called ‘niche’ ?

Yes, a bathroom niche enables you to use extra space within the wall and it also helps in adding visual depth to the wall which makes it look farther away than they really are.And if you are not a lover of open shelves you can use the niche space as an insert cabinet where you can let your toilet brush, paper holder and other stuff in it.

credit dwell

Same tone/colour/value…

Always stick with a subtle, matching colour for the floor, wall and tiles to create a larger look.

Using floating vanity units and water closets helps you to make it appear spacious. Using fixtures of the same colour gives a seamless look and gives the spacious appeal to the space.

Clear glass partitions look clean and also let in abundant light and makes the space appear bright and big.

credit francoisguillemin

Larger the mirror, Bigger the space !

Mirrors serve a great part in achieving the spacious feel of the space.A large mirror can visually help you to double up  the size of your actual space.

Bathroom mirrors help to bring you more light inside the space. Instead of hanging a small mir above the vanity . Consider mirroring the whole wall or large portion of it which will moreover act like a window to light the room and create the illusion of being bigger.

credit toriaston

What if you need a colour ?

The best way to bring in colour to your small toilet space is to use it as a contrast with all your walls and fixtures.The contrast can be made with storage units and shutters which will make a huge difference to the space.

In the above shown picture the contrast is made with the cabinet, which makes it stand out and the walls to recede.

Some shown examples may look lavish, they nevertheless employ the same above mentioned principles to make bathrooms appear larger and more spacious.

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