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Make your space Interesting with Wall Décor

When you’re decorating your home or when it comes to new house interior designing, it is always a mammoth task to decide whether to decorate your wall and make it a feature of the room or just go for a usual paint. A living room is the first room that you enter when you come home and the home décor ideas implemented here portray the grace and sophistication of your entire home. It is the reflection of your passion and creativity to improve the aesthetics of your living space. If you’re planning to start from scratch or remodel your existing living room, here are some innovative decor ideas that can help you bring out the best combination of designs to escalate your living space.

Decorate your walls

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Home decor ideas are incomplete without wall decorations that involve pictures, wallpapers and quotes. A decorative wall is the best way to add a personal touch. Inspiring quotes and beautiful pictures elevate your living room. Family photos remind you of happy memories and play a crucial role in reliving past moments. Apart from frames, your wall can also house indoor hanging plants that provide a fresh look.  Opt for pots that have quirky designs to complement your interiors. You can also hang up mirrors as one of the best home décor ideas. Be it a small or big living room, mirrors with a stunningly designed rim is any day a fantastic option to enhance the look of your living room

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Make a wall your focal point by turning it into a gallery wall. A blank wall is like an empty canvas, you can hang up favorite art pieces and paintings and arrange them in varying sizes to visually attract the eye to the wall. You can even personalize it by dedicating the entire wall to showcase a slice from your life and hang portraits in black and white for a chic, sophisticated yet personal appeal.

Impressive lighting

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Lights are essential when it comes to sprucing your space with the top home décor ideas. Choose from bright LED lights that are functional in nature and warm decorative lights that help in improving the aesthetics. You can also use lights to add unique accents to your home by installing cove lights along the perimeter of your ceiling. For decorative purposes, you can opt for chandelier lights which are an excellent statement piece.

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Vertical Garden all the Way

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Who doesn’t love an indoor garden! Take advantage of the vertical space and leave the floor uncluttered by transforming a wall into the backdrop for an aesthetically appealing vertical garden. Make use of eclectic wall mounted plant pots for that element of fun and playfulness. You could even have a wooden rack to grow herbs in the kitchen for easy access while cooking. Succulents are also a good option as they are easy to maintain yet deems a delightful addition to any room.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Add a large mirror for dramatic effect or put up mirrors in varying shapes and sizes on the wall to make a room seem bigger and brighter. You can never go overboard with mirrors, the more the better as it helps in circulating and bouncing light across the entire room.

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You can mix up mirrors and art pieces to carry out an eclectic vibe or you could opt for a set of antique mirrors and place them side by side for a symmetrical and sophisticated feel. Though mirrors are an easy piece to add to the walls it makes a big style statement.

A Play of Colours, Patterns & Print

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Colours complement your emotions and uplift your spirit. Opt for the right choice of colours in your living room to uplift your spirits when you enter your home. For example, you can opt for vibrant shades of orange and yellow to bring in a pop of enthusiasm and energy. On the other hand, use cool colours like green and blue to add an element of freshness and rejuvenate your senses.

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Another interesting way to bring out the vibrant energy in a space is by playing with patterns and prints on the walls. An iconic wallpaper on a single wall is minimal yet the most impactful way to draw attention to space and depicts your interior designing passion. Textile wall art, tapestries, covering an entire wall with a dramatic mural are all brilliant ways to make your room more interesting and you can adapt it to whatever design aesthetic you prefer.

Playing with wall décor and adding the things you love to your wall can exponentially uplift the appearance of any space. I hope these inspirational wall décor ideas have awakened the interior lover in you!

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