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Partition Design Ideas in Interiors

These days, modern homes are ruled by an open plan and integrated social spaces. Therefore, breaking the monotony of free-flowing space with partitions may be a welcome addition to the house décor. In modern interior decoration, room dividers are not generally used to give protection. In some cases, they exist to divide the area and differentiate the space neatly and innovatively.  

When it comes to creating a partition between the hall and dining room, it has to be beautiful since it is where the family gathers and friends are entertained. There are numerous questions to consider while planning for partitions. It is often a major worry for individuals uncertain of how to make that well- balanced space.

Make All Things Glow With Glass

Partition in metal and glass

The glass partition is best suited for people looking to create partitions which let through unobstructed natural light. They add great aesthetic value to the home decor and compliment the space. One can play around with shapes and designs, trims, frames and also tinting. As glass goes with everything, you need not worry about it spoiling the mood you are trying to set. With a lack of space on your plate, you can still incorporate a partition between the living room and bedroom of your mini studio apartment with gorgeous glass separators. It blends in perfectly with the white backdrop and wooden flooring of the apartment. Glass and white make everything brighter, making this petite pad look much larger and airy than it actually is. 

Wooden Rafters and panels jailed in style

Yet another elegant partition design in between your bedroom and living room area is this vertically striped wooden lattice and geometric pattern that does much to warm up the ambience. You can go with one that slides or just about covers half of your entrance like this design – giving you all the snug cottage vibes and making a solid statement separator in your mini studio apartment.  

Quirky Laser cuts 

While many like their home décor to be simple, homeowners have the opportunity for bolder design patterns. Laser cutting tools are used to carve complicated designs and intrinsic designs in the wood. Creative carvings in a partition design strategically positioned in your living room to block excess light – sort of like a filter that only lets the right amount in. Besides the obvious utility of this wall that separates your living room from the dining hall, contemporary & abstract designs also seem to be working their way completing the modern home look with the right balance of quirk and elegance. Win-win.

A Divider with a Purpose

Functional partition

A wooden crockery unit that segments the living and the lounge area is functional as well. While one side with cabinets and shelves serves as a crockery unit, the other side facing the living room becomes the TV unit or a place to display décor accessories.

Half open or full closed

Semi open partition

Setting up a partition is a little too permanent for some people. There are techniques around this problem. Wood-based collapsible partitions are all the rage today. They are simple to set up and can be adjusted to fully open or collapsed as necessary. One great example of these is the jaali type screen partition. The partition gives a great ethnic feel and when open still lets in some natural light.

Get Creative

Partitition between a coloumn and a wall

As always, you can get as creative with your space as you would like. We’ve seen people use a large aquarium with live fish as a divider, or a living wall with potted plants, a bamboo screen or partitions using cloth murals. Sliding folding doors that can be opened out fully will also work. While selecting a partition design, be sure to have your pick according to your personal taste and get on with it!

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