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Roles of an Architects and Engineer

The two important base elements for the building to succeed are the Architect and the Engineer. This may look confusing at first,as the roles of engineers and architects are not clear cut and overlap a bit. Lets try and clear things up, Starting off with the things that we know .

A differentiation in a brief way 
Who is an architect? An architect is a person who develops the creative designs for buildings or structures. 

Who is an engineer? An engineer is a person who designs and builds things for the benefit of society. Engineers use math and science to design and build structures, equipment and processes. So, the jobs of an engineer and architect, although similar, vary in some details.

What is the importance of them working together?


Working together, architects and engineers can come up with design solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. Exchanging knowledge and information, especially at the early stages of a project, ultimately leads to better buildings.

The technical input that an engineer can provide is all the more useful when the scale of the challenge to improving building energy efficiency is considered.

What is the misunderstanding anyway ?

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Engineers are often taught in school to solve problems using their chosen functional specialties, such as structural engineering Whereas, Architects are taught to think about the whole picture—to have a vision for a completed structure.

After graduating, an architect might describe his vision, from which a young engineer could isolate 19 different problems. If the engineer is not brought into the process early, He/She might assume the architect’s familiarity with a concept. In turn, the architect may be uncomfortable revealing his lack of technical knowledge.

A little bit of Structural knowledge doesn’t hurt

A work of architecture should be structurally sound and safe to occupants.Architects should be proficient enough to know the maximum shear and moment forces that take place in floor beams and columns or stresses in steel trusses.

It is common to hear engineers whining about architects having a prima-doma complex ,which cannot be denied.But ,a work of architecture cannot become a concrete reality without the collective undertakings of architects, Engineers and workers.

The reality that seems difficult is engineers and architects have more in common than they know—specifically in terms of evaluating designs that provide safe, well-functioning spaces to work and live. Architectural design and structural design are very much dependent on each other. It is the ultimate marriage of form and function.

Research by Ar.Vinodha 

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