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Setup your home library with a stunning look

We live in an era where technology has overtaken almost every field of life, which is why now video screens with viral content get more attention than informative books. However, despite this fact, there are still many people in today’s world who love to read and treat books as their passion. So, if you are a passionate reader, who wants to create a stylish yet functional reading nook to express your love for reading and unwind at home.

One of the best ideas for decorating your home library is to go colour specific when choosing a theme for walls and shelving for your reading nook. Like any other room in your living space, much of the style and feel of your library are highlighted by a proper colour scheme synchronisation of the paint and furniture. You can even decorate your reading area with something simple, for example, a few classic chairs to make your reading area appear more elegant.

A contemporary look to your reading nook

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In today’s world, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to contemporary furnishings. However, one of the best ideas to decorate your home library to give it a modern look while improving its functionality is to incorporate multipurpose furniture. For instance, a new innovation for the book lovers is a convertible chair, which turns into a ladder when needed. Making use of such furnishing items will also help you to free up some space in your reading nook at home.

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You can also make a dramatic statement in your study room by decorating it with contemporary artwork and printed carpets that are in line with your colour scheme.  Try adding a fashionable yet not-too-gaudy layer to your reading room while putting in some antique pieces with a backdrop of stylish curtains on windows.

Go Traditional

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A meticulously designed traditional setup for a library at home can really transform a boring sequence of shelves into a praiseworthy place to unwind while enjoying reading stories, novels or the subject you like. The traditional arrangement is one of the most effective home library design ideas that will help you come up with a classic arrangement, which calls to all readers and serves as a perfect space to achieve your literary endeavours. You can also convert it into your private book club. Everyone with a passion for reading would feel comfortable in a traditional home library arrangement.

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An alcove library overlooking a great view is the embodiment of romance and whimsy. All you need to do is, get built-in shelving around a window or from one side of the wall to the other end to create a kind of frame where the books will fit snugly in. This will create a cozy nook or alcove where you can just push in a sofa or have the much-adored alcove seating with plush cushions to make it comfortable. Add a floor lamp for optimal lighting and get lost in your cozy nook with a choicest book from your collection.

Playing with colours

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Having everything of the same colour around you including the walls and bookshelves may make you feel dull. However, using two or more colours can give your reading nook a little extra touch of liveliness. Colour combination is also counted among the top home library decor ideas. Making use of colours like grey, blue and brown as shown in the picture above can also desirably uplift the charm of your reading room. Get the walls painted in blue, install a layer of grey-coloured adornments on them while decorating the room with wooden furniture, to achieve a perfect combination of blue, grey and brown in your home library decor.

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Collection specific arrangement is one of the most useful ideas to decorate your home library that’ll help you feel more related to the subject you are reading about. If you read sci-fi or horror novels a lot then you can opt for dark-themed decor, most probably a contrast of black and darker shades of purple. Similarly, your shelving should also complement the genre-specific collection of your books as well as your selected colour scheme.

Classy Wooden Wall Corners 

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One thing that we believe will never go out of style is the use of wood in library decor. Somehow having wooden fittings and furniture around make you feel more connected to books and desirably turns on your reading mode. In most of the cases, you’ll notice reading rooms and libraries at home have wooden decor, which also gives a classy touch to your interior.

An Artsy Page-Turner

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If you don’t have enough books to fill your library, fret not! Induce some creative energy and artsy vibes into your home library by bringing in your favorite art pieces, sculptures, antique finds, and anything that brings joy to you. These small personal touches add visual appeal as well as uniqueness to your home library making it much more welcoming and cozy.

A home library is a place one can retreat to walk away from routine life and into a new world in a faraway corner, through books of course. We hope you have found some gems in these ideas and will soon incorporate them into your home library.

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