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Should you Opt Natural Paints for your Home Interiors ?

We all are in a hurry to move in , when we find a house for rent  after a lot of trips to the neighborhood.We always research alot about the locality , the neighbourhood,the history , physics , science of the property, but interior spaces for a rental residential or rental Commercial property  always remains unnoticed. Here are few basic interior checkpoints to be considered for a rental space.

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The Guards..

Doors and windows are the guards of any property either it can be a rental or a own property. It is very important to check the quality of the door and window , age of the door and window . These are to avoid termite attacks,cracks,rusting if any , brittleness in case of a PVC doors or windows .

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Get the Cracks Off

As we all know cracks are the major element that everyone of us notice on renting a property , Which needs to be noticed for sure to avoid further damage on the beams , slabs , columns of the structure. If you notice any such cracks and it is always recommended to get to notice of the landlords and repair it on time.

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Mr. Plumber

Always check all the plumbing points in the house , it can either be your kitchen or bathroom. The Sanitarywares is also as important as your doors and windows better the quality of the plumbing, better the life span and less repairs in the future.

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Switch the Switches

We always find it troublesome to use the switch plates in rental spaces . It could be a loose connection problem , mismatch of switch plates with the appliances, anything it can be and it is preferred to change such switch plates and electrical connections rather than living with it .

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness and it is important to check your tiling either it can be the Kitchen dado tile or flooring of the house , flooring of the toilet . Tiles can be repolished and which wouldn’t cost you much.  

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Light and Air  

Last but not least the very important thing in an interior space to be considered is light and the air . We spend maximum of our time indoors and preferably a well lit space and well air circulate space is all you need.It automatically makes your space lite , clean and spacious and acts us the perfect spot to spend with your fellow people.

Whatever the space might be, rental or own , resident or commercial, cherish every moment, every part and every chapter of life .

Let’s make the world a better space to live !  

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