Space-Saving Seating for Compact Balconies

Space-Saving Seating Layouts for Compact Balconies






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Working a comfortable seating arrangement into a small balcony can be something of a challenge for most urban dwellers because, well, when a little space is all you have, why chip away at it? The truth is, small balconies can pack a punch if laid out well, but the secret lies in optimising the space available so that the floor isn’t entirely eaten up by seating. Explore these tiny balconies that are big on comfort and style, thanks to optimised seating layouts.

Single-seater format

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The easiest way to make over a balcony is to add a seat that also works as an accent. If your space is so narrow that any form of extended seating will entirely eliminate floor space, adding a single statement chair towards the farthest wall can be the solution.

Crabwise seating


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This narrow balcony flips the norm 90 degrees by layering elements sideways. A two-seater wood-frame sofa would fit snugly between two walls, allowing enough room for a square-cut coffee table that is well within reach from both ends of the sofa. The layout even allows for a minimalist bamboo setup towards the rear wall. Not only is there more floor space available, its capable of hosting more elements than a forward-facing layout.

Twin seating

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Elegantly paired, spaced out chairs with a coffee table can not only make for great coffee evenings, but also anchor the aesthetics of a balcony. It barely takes up any of the floor space, and the seating can always be switched or upgraded to suit the season.

L-shaped layout


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A small, deep balcony is an ideal home to an L-shaped layout. Both these L-shaped formats feature wood, and for good reason. Wood can add a touch of warmth to a classic light-toned balcony, and contrary to popular perception, is weather-hardy if done right. This layout channels free space towards the center and makes use of wall space and otherwise unused corners.  


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With L-shaped seating on one end, this balcony makes use of the wall on the right by hosting fold-out beach chairs alongside a coffee table. A potted plant marks the center of the space.

Lightweight layout


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Frill-free and easygoing, freestanding furniture can be a great way to experiment with new pieces and formats. Look for memorable shapes and colours that will fit your décor and play well with shapes to cut out the duality of colour. The square bean bag is an unusual find and adds a playful touch to the space.  This will enable easy modification as and when required, create a casual, informal ambience and give a light airy feel with lightweight portable pieces. 


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This understated balcony is a perfect example. The bench pressed against the railing offers a front-row seat to the sky, but come the rains, and you can easily nest it inside the taller bench laid against the wall. The two benches can be effortlessly rotated through the balcony to suit the occasion.

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