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Sprucing up your interiors for Spring

Evoking the Spring Colors

Keep the color palette happy and bright and in tandem with the liveliness of spring. Inject color and even floral accents through whimsical décor pieces, colorful lampshades, paintings, and art pieces. Roll out a multicolour rug or a colorful array of tableware, can add a subtle hint of playfulness and visual interest. Pops of color can be carried across the entire room throw pillows or a dramatic accent chair, that will keep the eye mesmerized.

Living room design with colors

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Creating a spring color palette is fairly simple. Hues from nature, like lavender or sunny yellow, provide the perfect place to start. Several tried and true color schemes look great in any decor. Bring a bright, seasonal feel indoors with combos such as:

  • Mint and White

It's hard to go wrong with this light and airy spring palette, and playing with the balance of colors makes the combination your own. Try white with mint accents for classic elegance or lean heavily on mint for something fresh and modern.

Mint with white

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  • Sherbert

As you might expect from a color trifecta inspired by a cold treat, sherbet palettes evoke both spring and summer. Pastel berries and oranges complement the neutral white of this color scheme.

Pink and White pallet

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  • Pink & White

Any shade of pink, from salmon to bubblegum, helps bring the energy of springtime into your home. Much like the combination of white and mint, this palette lets you strike different aesthetic chords when you change the amount of each color in your design.

Picking Spring Patterns

Pattern inspired from nature

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Finding the right spring color palette is half the job when it comes to decorating for the season, but there are still other factors to consider. Certain patterns complement the season's fresh and breezy colors with ease.


Tried-and-true floral prints are the cornerstone of springtime decor. Nature-inspired wall art can go a long way towards livening up your foyer, and flower-patterned throw pillows look great on living room sofas. If you're especially ambitious, you can add floral wallpaper to your interior design. Florals tend to draw the eye because of their organic detail, so accenting this spring print with solid colors and simple geometric trellis patterns creates balance.


Since many popular spring colors come in pairs, stripes are a natural choice. This subtle pattern also pairs well with florals and other intricate prints. From elegant French ticking to fun candy stripes, this look is ready for a garden party.

Different types of stripes may work better in certain parts of your design. Thin pinstripes can be charming as furniture upholstery, but a couch or chair with wide, bold lines may overwhelm a small space. On the other hand, narrow stripes on the walls can seem a little busy. Larger, thicker bands of color are easier on the eyes.

Flowers and Plants are Invited

Integrate it with plants

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As spring is the season of harvest, it will be absurd to not include fresh flowers and plants into your home. Putting out decorative vases filled with fresh flowers, or plants and even succulents can spread positivity and good vibrations across the room while purifying the air as well. Flowers and plants have the innate ability to add visual appeal and to create a pleasing ambiance.

Furniture with greens

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Bring back the Natural resources

Use of natural Materials

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Making natural materials a part of the décor of your home instantly transforms it. Natural materials like rattan and wicker are gaining fast popularity as they are naturally occurring and are an environmentally conscious option for furniture and décor. As spring brings us closer to nature, it is also the best time to do something good for nature and keep the positivity at optimum. Incorporating décor items and furniture made out of natural materials are a great addition to any room and it encompasses the room with warmth, joy, and visual appeal.

Give your home a well-deserving spring makeover and spread the joy it brings!

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to spruce up your home to welcome the season of harvest and bloom. Sometimes all your home needs is a good cleaning and some décor re-design to make it spring ready and fresh as ever. Sharing some ideas for the spring makeover of your home, starting from bedroom interiors to the living room interiors to give your home that lovely touch of spring feeling.

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