The Charm of Elegant Mandir Designs in home interiors

Pooja rooms or mandir or temple or prayer room are an integral part of Indian homes. But they are often neglected when it comes to the decor of the house. People fail to smoothly transition from traditional mandir designs to modern prayer space. This space makes it an eyesore as it clashes with the rest of the modern house design, But the fusion of traditional temple and modern house leads to such pooja room which appeal to eye at the same is merging with contemporary look of the house.  

Incorporating marble in a room instantly brings out the calm serenity and timeless elegance to space. Home mandir designs in marble aim to reach beyond comparison when it comes to aesthetics and durability. The luxe material of marble can be styled in various ways and make the mandir room a zen space. Here are some ways to set up gracefully refined mandir decor

Marble mandir

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Carvings and details in white marble allow one to experiment with vibrant colours like reds and yellows that signify the meaning of prosperity and the vitality of life. Complement the stunning marble unit with brass idols of god adorned with fresh flowers and scents. Look to create a cohesive connection between two bold materials, for instance, brass and marble. The seamless inclusion of brass can be in the way and brass bells hung from the ceiling or in the use of the brass diyas. Such auspicious and delicate elements help add to the aesthetics of the room.

Wooden infusion on marble 

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Using wooden cabinets on a marble countertop is a rather pocket-friendly option to use. Like the mandir design seen, such styles are ideal for homes that have space constraints and find it challenging to use a complete marble unit in place. These designs also come in easy to clean and maintain. The wooden cabinets below the counter aid in concealing everyday pooja items and keep the space neat. Marble elegantly complements with wood and colourful idols add a pop to the monotonous space.

Wall-mounted Mandir

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This mandir design is ideal for homes that are low on space. One can customise wall-mounted marble units as per the design requirements and place them on the wall in a platform style.  Such units can be upgraded using decorative lights. Warm yellow lighting helps offer a certain charm when it comes to mandir design style and also highlights the various idols one has placed on the wall-mounted counters. One can also install a mirror behind the mandir and create an illusion of a spacious room.

Compact Mandir

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Today’s urban lifestyle has caused space to become precious. As a result, incorporating a small mandir into a home poses a challenge for many homeowners. However, you can work with a professional to custom-design a standalone mandir or make the space for it in a nook or corner in your dining room, bedroom or veranda.

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Making use of wall corners as mandir areas is a unique way to incorporate mandir in a home that is low on space. This helps in keeping the room uniform throughout and also offers a divine look to the area. The wall behind the mandir can be used as a sophisticated backdrop to the idol and still be in the theme of the room’s function. The room can be made to exude a celestial vibe by including soft lighting and colourful wall paintings that can create a mandala-like appearance.

There is high importance and value given to pooja rooms in Indian homes. A space that is assigned as a mandir room holds an aspect of devotion and familial tradition that ultimately deserves to be featured in the best possible design style. Incorporating a few of these ideas will help formulate a beautiful serene space for achieving the charm needed in mandir rooms and reading corners.

Research by Ronbir B 

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