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The Pastel Shade of Interior Design

Pastel shades have moved on, from being adorned on the walls of the children’s room and represented as the color of the icing on cupcakes and have found a sweet spot in the grownup areas of homes. Including pastels in many modern ways, across various sections of a home, spreads the serenity and whimsy of these delicate shades. Pastels are undoubtedly becoming a popular choice as it adds muted charm and simplicity to any home and is also a major style statement. They present a perfectly pared-back choice for those who want to inject color into their homes in a more subdued manner.

What are these Pastel shades

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Pastel colours are simply brighter shades of well-known colours that have been mixed with white. They can be characterized by calmness and neutrality. For this reason, they are often used in home interior design. Pastel colours can work as a base of the design, but they can also be used as accessories.

The most popular pastel colours used in home interiors are pink, yellow and blue. But it’s only one of the possibilities. Pastel colour palette also includes:

  • warm grey,
  • sand,
  • creme,
  • canary yellow,
  • salmon pink,
  • dove-grey,
  • bright green,
  • mint green.

Depending on a classification, the names of those shades might differ greatly. What is referred to as creme might be called ivory in another arrangement. Similarly, salmon pink is sometimes called peach pink.

The features of Pastels

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Given the nature of the pastel palette, it will be a good interior decision to use it for finishing small rooms.

Light wallpaper visually enlarges the space. Pastel combines well with white and grey tones, as well as with more vivid manifestations of its shade. Pastel colors look good both as a background and as accents.

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For rooms with windows facing the north side is better to choose pastel wallpaper warm colors, such as yellow or peach. For the south side fit cold colors, blue, mint, lavender. Neutral colors can reflect and absorb the surrounding bright colors. Therefore, using winter shades more saturated, you can create a “warm” environment, and in summer – on the contrary, cool. Pastel in the interior visually enhances the space and the amount of daylight. This quality is useful for small rooms on the north side of the house. Gentle range of colors can create a calm atmosphere, lightness and sophistication.


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When you combine the shades of gray with warm/ cold pastel colors, resulting in a contemporary look with chic soothing aura

The bedroom is the center of peace and regularity; therefore, soft pastel tones of warm colors are most relevant here. 

In small rooms, such as hallways and walk-in closets, it is not enough just to apply a warm shade; you need to back it up with the right light source.

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A bathroom with no extra meters of space can often also contain a dressing table. Note how the vertical stripes create a refreshing counterpart to the shower tiles horizontally oriented in the subway style wall. bathroom blue striped pastel, gray and beige brown.

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Of course, furniture paint also comes in a wide variety of pastel colors, so if you want to give your kitchen cabinets or dining chairs a solid makeover it’s only a matter of color choice.

Again mint is working its magic turning this kitchen into a livelier place. Even the stainless steel tech cannot make the interior look dull.

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A bathroom with no extra meters of space can often also contain a dressing table. For the ritual to take place in high spirits, choose light peach curtains and a cute pink ottoman.

Pastel colors will act a lot to your mood. They can change it instantly, because they act soothing and relaxing to the human’s eye. Pastel interior designs are so elegant and charming and they are ideal solutions for decorating many homes.

Research by Ronbir B 

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