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Things to be known about Residential Lighting

One of the key elements that interior designers adjust when designing a room are the types of light fixtures and light bulbs used to light a room and the relative color temperature of the light emitted. There are a range of colors that lights give off from warm to cool.

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Color temperature is the way to measure the color of visible light. The unit used to measure color temperature is degrees kelvin. The current color temperature scale in use is known as the correlated color temperature (CCT) scale and is based around the color emitted by an incandescent bulb.

Light tends to fall in three categories,

  • Warm
  • Neutral
  • Cool

Light colour is measured on the kelvin scale. Light colour gradually becomes brighter when the kelvin number increases and remains yellowish when it is low.

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Warm White

The title itself is a keyword that conveys its meaning of being soft, with red and yellow shades. It usually can make people feel Warm when it is lit on.

Its Kelvin scale ranges from 2700K to 3300K. It is considerably used in home places like bedrooms, bathrooms  and living rooms.

This type of light is generally suitable for cozy living spaces, where we want to relax and be comfortable.

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Neutral white

Neutral white is kind of pure white, it is the color which stands between Warm White and Cool White.

Its average Kelvin scale is about 4000K. As they are the purest form of white,they don’t have any shades of blue and red.

Neutral white lights are generally used in spaces to keep it more bright and interactive. Usually, they are used in places like offices,homes,and shopping areas.

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Cool White

Cool white is basically the opposite of warm white. It has a slight blue tint and is much brighter than warm white. Using cool white light in interiors helps in creating a brighter and cleaner environment.

Its Kevin scale is usually ranged from 5000K to 6500K, and it is extensively used in places like kitchens rooms or professional areas like hospitals.

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