Things to Consider when Buying Curtains

Have you ever thought of revamping your home? Or you want a little change in style of your current space? These dilemma ends in one simple solution . One such solution is changing curtains. Changing curtains remains as a cost efficient answer .This blog helps you to consider the top things on buying a curtain .

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Interior Style 

Curtains , fabrics , cushion are super important from an interior décor perspective. So before you purchase any living room curtains or bedroom curtains, note down if you want the complete look of the space to be modern or traditional. Another important factor you can consider is to decide who exactly will be occupying the room the longest with their age.

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Function and Use 

Before purchasing a drape, little research on the purpose of it plays a wide role . Curtains are not always consider to maintain privacy , sometimes drapes are used for pleasing effect to decorate an opening . 

Length and Lining 

When you decide on the purpose and function, also note down opening sizes and how long do you want your curtains to be. Balcony openings require floor length curtains but windows can have curtains that are just below the sill. The purpose of the curtain is also important to see what and if any kind of lining will be required during purchase.

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Colour and fabric 

When you have finalized on the measurements, you can go shopping and see what kind of colour theme would suit your room. Keep in mind the different curtain fabrics require different linings and their methods of cleaning are also very different before you buy anything. Some decor ideas as per the theme are , using vibrant vivid colours suits any space of traditional or transitional style , whereas black or grey suits an industrial style of interior designing. Considering designers suggestions at this stage is always recommended .

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Last but not the least is the type of curtains. After you have a fixed idea of the person, their age, interests and style, it is easier to choose a particular type of curtain design. Sometimes a person’s preference can be blinds rather than curtains. Many times people prefer Venetian blind or roman blind, while many like the eyelet curtains for their look and sheer curtains for many would be the choice  .

The choice and options are endless; it's easier to go through a selection process rather than regretting a hasty purchase . Happy designing ….

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