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Tips to Achieve the Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Smart tips to Achieve the Indoor-Outdoor Connection




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Forging a strong connection between indoors and outdoors can make your home feel more expansive and light filled, and can encourage flow between indoor and outdoor rooms.  Whether you are currently planning a remodelling project or simply want to get inspired, Expand nature's soothing embrace with these design tips for bridging indoors and out.

Lose the wall

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Opening up an entire side of your home with floor-to-ceiling glass doors is a high-impact change that could revolutionise your daily life. This feature is especially suited to modern homes in not-too-cold climates, but it could work well for other home styles.

Large doors and windows


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A family room can be enhanced with accordion or pocket doors, or even a large window, that can be completely pulled away to blend indoors and out. The immediate connection with the outdoors could help lure kids away from electronic screens and into an impromptu game of hoops or hopscotch.

Work Desk with a view


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If you like to daydream at your desk, open it to a fabulous view. Positioning your desk in an upstairs room will offer the best views, no matter where you live – bringing the windows from the desk level right up to the ceiling for maximum views and light, makes the indoor and outdoor spaces feel more interconnected.

An around-the-corner window


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Break away from the traditional four-walls-and-windows pattern by incorporating a corner window. Getting rid of the corner makes you feel as if you are part of the view, and this spot is likely to become the highlight of your home. If you have a spectacular view from anywhere in your home, that’s where to put your corner window.

A garden of the bath

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You don’t need to have a huge yard to create a unique garden feature. A narrow stretch of yard on the side of a house could be planted with bamboo for privacy, and opened up to the bath with a wall of glass. For more flexible privacy, consider adding sliding shoji screens. 

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