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Traditional Indian interiors

The Navaratri celebrations might be over, but Diwali is just around the corner. The festival of lights marks the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar, and it is the time to give your house a much-needed festive makeover. From rearranging the furniture to changing the drapes and furnishings, there are simple ways to add a fresh spin to your home decor. You can also put up fancy decorations with diyas, candles, rangolis and torans, and bring that traditional touch. Let's look at some creative yet easy decor ideas for this festive season.

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Bright hues & traditional motifs 

Diwali is amongst the most vibrant festivals in India. If you want the same to reflect in your interiors, go for bold hues like fuchsia pink, flamboyant flamingo and canary yellow. Since painting the walls can be an exorbitant affair, try wallpapers and wall decals that are relatively cheaper. There are a variety of wallpapers with traditional motifs and attractive prices and can be installed in just a day. Festive wall stickers in the shape of diyas or flowers are also popular options during this Diwali.

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Natural furnishing 

Try to maintain a balance as you design the interiors. Choose a subdued colour palette for bed sheets, pillow covers, furniture covers, curtains, drapes and carpets to create a contrast with the bright coloured walls. The furnishing should go well with the room's overall colour theme. When you don't have the budget to purchase new furnishings, you can dry clean the existing ones to breathe new life into your home.


Creative rangolis 

Be it any festival, rangolis are a must. Om and swastika symbol, lighted diyas, mangal kalash, Goddess Laxmi's footsteps are some of the most popular rangolis patterns, but you can break the monotony this year by trying something new. Turn to Pinterest or Instagram for inspirations, and let your creativity shine through the rangolis. Decorate the rangolis with flower petals and earthen diyas for an added charm.

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Flower power 

Flowers are an indispensable part of Indian festivals. Easy on the pocket, flower decorations can liven up any space while exuding the festive vibe. Use garlands on stair railings and at the entrance of the house. You can even attach string lights to the floral garlands to create a dramatic effect. If you want something more traditional, fill an uruli (South Indian decor item) with water, then put flower petals and a few drops of essential oil in it. You can keep the uruli at the doorstep or on top of the living room table.

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Light it up! 

Lighting plays an important role in the interiors of a house. And, you can't go wrong with lights when it's Diwali. Fairy lights and rope lights can help add a sparkle to any room. To get that festive vibe, opt for silver or brass lamps. Don't hesitate to be creative, by using DIY thread lanterns and paper lanterns. Want to get a contemporary edge? Stuff rice lights into a discarded wine bottle and places it at the room's corner.

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