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Trendy Accent Wall Ideas for Bedrooms

Adding an accent wall is a great way to change the personality of your bedroom. And it is budget-friendly too! An accent wall is a wall in the room that is different from the other walls, whether in color, texture or pattern. It immediately brightens up the space and becomes the focus of attention.

We spend all of our money and energy on decorating our living rooms, by the time we get to our bedrooms there's nothing there. That's because everyone sees our common areas but only a few see our bedrooms – but after seeing these luxurious bedroom walls, you're going to want to show everyone.

Solid Accent Shades

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An accent wall might be a great way to boost the expanse of even a tiny bedroom. However, warm colors and textures can lead to the accent wall reducing the bedroom space visually.

If you want to make your sleeping area look larger, cool and/or darker color tones will work most efficiently. Greens, blues, and purples tend to draw the wall away from the eye and make the space appear larger in scale. For example, if your walls are light blue, a darker blue accent wall would make your room look bigger while still being very cohesive in terms of design.

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the goal might be to bring a certain mood into the sleeping area. Autumnal hues like red, orange and bright yellow not only look fantastic but also build a sense of balance and coziness. This might be a great solution for larger bedrooms due to their habitual lack of a homey feel.

You can also choose an accent wall that will fit with your existing decor. If your carpeting is white with green detail, then green will work very well as the color of your accent wall. This strategy will work well for medium-sized bedrooms, where you mostly have to keep everything in balance.

Wallpapers & Murals

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We love how the wallpaper mural helps define the space and create a stunning look. It’s perfect if you don’t have a proper focal point in a room and want to visually define the space as a separate area. Adding bold artwork is one of the go-to wall decor ideas—it adds a dramatic dose of visual interest and the variety of patterns and textures make the space extra cozy and cool. Choose what depicts your style and let your bedroom speak for you. It also depends on the textures you want to add to your room. Each element has its texture

A bold wallpaper accent wall as shown above featuring tropical teal fish is a great way to add character and class to a room.

Framing the wall

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Accent walls and feature walls looks great when a frame like geometry is added to hold everything that comes together. This can be accomplished by using wooden beading or wooden wall panelling to create a classic feel of elegance and warmth 

The black wall with white frame accents totally completes the whole look this bedroom wants to achieve. The black and white color motif is a really regal color choice for a bedroom like in this one.

Board and Batten Wall Accent

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Another creative way of changing your bedroom’s personality is the board and batten way. Long thin strips of MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) are used to create a striped pattern on the wall and then covered with a coat of paint. Go for darker tones to give your room a moody feel. If you love a woodsy, rustic look,  the variety of wood grains and colors look great if you want a rustic, farmhouse look but don’t live in a cabin! And it offers lots of textural interest that instantly creates a cozy, cabin-like feel in the bedroom.

A Brick-ish Accent

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The brick solutions for accent walls are chic, sleek, stylish, and look great with any type of decor. What’s best, it’s up to you what shade and look you’re going to give it.

You can repair your existing brick wall or create a new one, or even try faux brick covers that match the cladding very well. In decoration, there are different ways to use brick walls, as well as plenty of ideas to cover and accentuate them. Whitewashed bricks are ideal for antique or shabby chic interiors

Simplicity is the key to all true elegance in our bedrooms. And that’s where accent walls might play a huge role. Not only do they allow you to flex your creativity and personal style without exaggerating it, but also make a bedroom space look larger or cozier than it really is.

What’s best, only your imagination limits your choice. None of these bedroom accent wall tips and ideas are set in stone, so as you move forward with your design, you can take whichever approach you want.

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