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Wardrobe Design Ideas for Small Apartments.

Small , tiny , congested , these are the repeated words that we hear in every small apartment and everybody needs a solution to make your wardrobe elegant,spacious,clean. We do have our special dresses , shoes, accessories and search to put everything mixed.Here are few Wardrobe design ideas that suits all your needs.

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Stand and Slide ….

When it comes to a small space or a small bedroom the first option that comes to mind is Sliding Wardrobe.As replacement for Swing wardrobes Sliding doors for the wardrobe makes much difference.It reduces the floor area and increases the movement space.

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Keep it Secrete ….

The entire wall around your entry door or toilet door can be used to fill with storage . This idea sutis for the place with a minimum footprint. This will be great for full height lofty wardrobes.

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Doorless and elegant

Wardrobe doors takes extra floor and wall spaces in case of swing wardrobes. It is difficult to provide sliding doors in a minimum width as well. A well Organised wardrobe can be left open or with curtains , you can choose curtains based on the theme of your bedroom.

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Open Capsule …

Open Capsule ..wonder what  I am talking about , yes these are tiny open wardrobes which fits in your niches or gaps on the wall ,where you can store your daily or frequently using  accessories,dresses. These capsules are tiny and doorless maximum.


Mr.Mirror and Mrs. Wardrobe

We all dress up and obviously needs a mirror to look , apart from this as we all know mirrors multiply the perception of the space and makes the space feel larger than actual.

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Let your Unnoticed Niches have some partners …

Niches are always being treated to showcases or planter corners . Wardrobes on such niches are always a boon to designers. Creating a free standing full height structure on a room makes the room filled .

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Lofty Bedback

When you are really constrain with space and not much worried about vastu the this option is for you. Where here Wardrobes with niches acts as your side tables and continuous loft above your head makes you feel like a pampered baby cradle.

 credit John Mieog

Think wardrobe as a Wall

Why wall should always be a partition between the rooms lets make it wardrobes . A full height wardrobe can also act as a partition wall and as a room divider where you can share your floor spaces.

Create your homes as per your convenience nothing is a rule until someone makes it .

Do Good , Be Productive, happy designing ..!

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