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Ways Technology is shaping the Future of the Interior Designing

The impact of technology around the globe is seen in every industry out there. The interior designing industry also is not left out since technological innovations are impacting the Interior design industry. It is expected out of Interior designers to be aware of these emerging technologies so they can position themselves for the change to come. Some important technologies are Smart homes, Virtual reality and Sustainability among many others.

Hi-Tech Furniture(Art with an Attitude)

Why settle for the furniture which serves one job when you can explore with the furniture that serves two or more jobs in the same place? It only makes sense to upgrade your furniture with the development in technology when most of your households are getting smarter with technology. The purpose of the high- tech furniture is to help make your daily chores more efficient and convenient whether at your home or at your workplace.

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What can be replaced for example? There are much more high-tech furniture that are available in the market from the nightstands that charge your phone, a mattress that adjusts itself for your comfort and lets you sleep soundly, an intelligent ergonomic chair that automatically adjust for your comfort to the massage chairs that will let you cancel those pricey masseuse appointments.

Smart homes(Making IT happen)

As we speak of development in technology, how is it even possible for us to not think of Smart homes! Smart homes are the future of our homes where we can collectively integrate lighting, modern appliances, electronics in the functional way making it easier for the owner or the occupant to control the space with a single device or an application. Based on this, it is the duty of an interior designer to design the space that supports all latest techniques, Information and technology. Because this is something that is going to become more and more common as time goes.

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Some basic automation ideas to start with would be…Smart Lighting. Smart lighting uses some of the most advanced technology that allows you to control the lighting even when you are not at home. You can also adjust the lightings based on the functionality of the room and set a certain aesthetic and mood to your room.

Sustainability (Be a part of the Nature)

When a design, say architectural design or interior design of the space is done in terms of sustainability through the use of  building materials that are environmentally healthy, the designer benefits the nature and also the client by reducing the cost of maintenance while avoiding the required replacement of hazardous materials in the future. Another factor  an interior designer should focus on is the lighting of the interior space, which is one of the major elements that affects the environmental friendliness .

The Miroco light therapy lamp has three adjustbale sttings. (Photo: Amazon)

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With Energy efficient lighting for interiors (and exteriors as well), we can save on power consumption and also get much higher quality lighting.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies that is commonly known. Using Virtual reality in Interior design has brought us some stunning Results. This helps customers to understand their future space without complicating them with all the drawing , explaining and the imagining of what their space would look like. People can simply put on a VR device and can literally walk through their future living room. It also allows them to see it from all angles and makes them confident of what they are going to invest in.

More Efficient Tools

The main aim of the tools is to make the job easier and quicker. In that case, we have got much better final products when there was advancement in tools that designers used. There are many examples of such improvements. One of the examples is the growing population of the e-documents, saving much of the paper space that was required. Technology makes us do this job much easier and reliable.

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Some great  tools that are used by designers are Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Apple’s iPad Pro, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

The technology is always improving and there is a lot more for us to come. Whether You are an Interior designer or not, it is still exciting to know about these technologies and where to implement them. Let us know in the comments what’s more intriguing in the above technologies, Is it the exciting Virtual reality or the futuristic smart homes ? We will come back to you next week with a new Blog post.

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