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Why Do You Need an Interior Designer?

It’s something to think about if you haven’t already done so. Hiring an interior decorator is a smart decision if you’ve invested a good bit of money into your home and want to be able to showcase it to look its best. An interior designer’s role is multi-faceted, but fundamentally commences with providing accurate design advice for the optimal safe occupation of those who work, live or use an interior space. Operating across a variety of sectors with different laws for product use and specification between residential and contract use, an interior designer must be cognisant of and comply with all building, health & safety and product regulations.

An interior designer might advise on the interior layout of a building and propose various reconfigurations, as well as recommending products and surfaces. The designer may also generate 2D or 3D plans and schedules for each product, layout plans for tiles, heating and electrical socket plans for location and functions. Depending on the complexity and the commission, a designer may also be the point of contact for contractors, as well as a member of the Design Team alongside engineers, architects, electrical and mechanical experts etc.

Providing the interior design service

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A professional designer’s minimum task is to define the space and safety performance of the interior, as well as produce plans to demonstrate proposed layouts for clients to review before agreeing to the design. This is known as the design scheme. The designer should also include schedules of the materials required to procure the design scheme, including CAD drawings and tested ability or use codes. When the scheme is approved by the client, the designer generates specification schedules which the client approves before declaring ‘design freeze’.

Resources and Contacts


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Beyond a stylistic eye and creative vision, an Interior Designer is a trained professional who can provide you with confidence in the feasibility of your design concept, while communicating with contractors to work around any complicated mechanics pertaining to your renovation.

Some designers also act as the Project Manager by giving instructions to the contractor and specialists, this is a different role to interior design and should not be confused as part of a designer’s role. Interior Designers should plan the space to maximise the function and safe movement within it as well as take airflow, heat, extraction, electrical and plumbing regulations into account.

Budget optimization and Planning 

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Accurately assessing quantity, quality, and pricing is a necessary aspect of any interior design project, especially when you’re trying to stay within your budget. An Interior Designer is well versed in each of these areas. They’ll be able to advise you on quality control, where to splurge and where to cutback to help you save money and maximize the output with your budget.

Problem solving

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Before construction begins, it’s best to undertake as much planning as possible to reduce delays and unforeseen cost implications. However, every renovation has it quirks and depending on the scope of your work, some decisions cannot be addressed until demolition is underway. Because of this, it becomes a great benefit to have an active Interior Designer on site, dedicated to overseeing quality control and problem solving throughout the process. A professional Interior Designer will understand how to navigate any changes in your project, so that if unforeseen issues do arise, they can work with the correct parties involved to remain on schedule and ensure your design scheme is executed as planned.

Smart use of space utilization

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Area of expertise of interior designing includes utilizing space for smart interior idea because they know how to use the space so that it looks great.  They take care of that space should not look stuffed and messy. Professional interior designers do their work fantastically in a creative way. No issue if the space is limited then there is no worry because interior designers know the pattern and latest style which can be crafted into the house. Through a well-structured interior design idea and artistic approach, you will get an impressive look so that your guest feels the magnificence of the space.

WOW! Factor

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Designers can help to give you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. They are trained to think differently, spatially, and to see an overall picture that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box is what designers do all day long. A designer is a professional with a trained eye that can automatically tell you if there is something wrong or right with space. Having that immediate consult is a major advantage when making aesthetic decisions and can help you tell your visual story.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, and what you love. We hope that you’ve gained some insight behind the value of a professional Interior Designer and when you should bring one on board for your next project!

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