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Your guide to making your bath your new favourite space

Having a luxurious bathroom isn't as difficult as it's made out to be. It's all about the right touches, that can transform this space into an expensive-looking one. If you're interested in designing a bathroom that looks expensive but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, here's a guide to creating a luxurious washroom for a fraction of the price

The initial thoughts when creating a luxurious space on a budget, it isn't necessary to opt for a time-consuming remodel. By simply changing a few elements and sprucing up the space, an effective remodel can emerge. When it comes to the challenges of apartment living, such as a lack of storage or minimal square footage, we have some go-to solutions. With the right mix of materials, a space can feel cozy and serene without sacrificing function. 

Start with the walls

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Currently, there are an array of tiles and wallpapers available in the market. By incorporating the right tile in the right manner, one can redefine the bathroom space completely. Instead of spending a bomb, you could choose a simple, plain tile for the entire bathroom and use a pattern tile for a highlighted area such as the vanity backsplash or a feature wall. Alternatively, if you're choosing to splurge on a particular area in the bathroom, consider the floor. The floor is one of the most impactful aspects when it comes to appearance. Make striking tiles the focal point and coordinate the rest of the interiors around it.

Choose the Right Sanitaryware

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For bathroom sinks, a simple pedestal model or wash-stand is way less expensive than a vanity unit. By sourcing these from a local shop or getting it made at a lower cost, you can save up on the money yet not compromise on the look. Draw inspiration from various sources and create your own style with affordable pieces. Another way to make your bathroom look expensive is to swap the outdated faucets, towel racks, drawers pulls, etc with latest designs. These small changes can evoke a feeling of luxury through bathroom accessories.

Add Colour

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Introducing bold colour to an otherwise monotonous white bathroom can give any washroom a luxurious feel. The trick is to choose a single colour and incorporate it throughout the bathroom in various ways—cabinets, drawers, shelves, accents or even towels and rugs.  By introducing colour to your bathroom, you can achieve a fresh look at the cheapest cost. If you have a drywall or a dry area in the bathroom, it's easier to play around with coloured wallpapers to bring character.

Lights and Mirror

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An eclectic mirror can add the right amount of flair to a bathroom. “To spruce up your bathroom, you can add a beautiful antique or handcrafted mirror, or even opt for a modern mirror with a metal design that can induce a glam quotient,” says Barve. To take it a step further, lighting can also be used strategically to create a designer look for the space. Rather than choosing a monotonous tube light, install sconces on either sides. Another lighting idea is to add pendant lights for a sophisticated look.

Designing small bathrooms is not always a bad thing—always focus on functionality first, fitting in essentials such as the shower and sink. Planning your storage is next, whether you use built-ins or freestanding cabinets. The last decision is the decorating of the space, such as choosing tiles or a colour palette. Your small bath may just be your next favorite room.

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